Mansi say she never meddles in family issues, yet looked for something from her bahu interestingly and her bahu ought to satisfy her first. Sai says she is anxious to see Ashwini and trimurthis Ninad, Bhavani, and Omkar in amphitheater. Bhavani shouts how could she is to epithet them, she doesn’t have habits by any stretch of the imagination. Pakhi shouts if everybody perceived how mannerless and egotistical Sai is. Sai says she didn’t and would be cheerful on the off chance that she goes to the capacity as she needs to acquaint her family with her companions.

Bhavani snickers and says when she doesn’t make any difference to them, for what reason will her companion’s make a difference to them. Sai says she doesn’t have her own family, so she considers them as family and needs them to go to her occasion or, in all likelihood she will send police who will drag them to the setting. Omkar says on the off chance that she figures they will be apprehensive, his child is an IPS official. Sai says they shouldn’t say that she didn’t caution them, wishes them bye and leaves. Sonali thinks what is going to Sai. Karishma thinks there will be a major show, she will appreciate it. Bhavani figures this young lady will make a major show.

Police visits Chavan house. Bhavani says Sai documented grievance against them. Investigator says Sai met with an extreme mishap as she was intellectually upset as a result of them, so its better on the off chance that they visit Sai’s school at the present time. Bhavani gets strained hearing that. Read More….