Sonali asks Bhavani how much longer would she say she will stand by? Karishma tells Omkar was telling he is frightened and ran off. Sonali tellls even we are frightened that her condition may decline while pausing. Sai reveals to Pulkit’s telephone is off. Karishma tells individuals are correct,time changes rapidly. Shivani inquires as to whether she doesn’t have some other number? Sai educates even Madhuri knows nothing concerning it. Shivani tells when Pulkit has obviously referenced in the message that he will not meet Bhavani so for what reason would we say we are hanging tight for him?

Devyani tells when will Pulkit come? At the point when will I get married,now even my mom is prepared to get me hitched. Bhavani tells my girl’s life is in question so for what reason is this Pulkit making us pause and where right? Bhavani tells I was allowing him to substantiate himself so for what reason would he say he isn’t coming?

The criminal gives Pulkit’s telephone to Omkar. Ninad tells we might experience fallen in difficulty if our messages were found in hijackers telephone that is the reason we came here and sent the message ourselves. Bhavani gives Sai cutoff time for bringing Pulkit.

Bhavani peruses the message of Pulkit, it says now he will not come before anybody from Chavan family as they discover my reality that I wedded Sangita Deshpande. Chavan family offended me a ton and consistently thought of me as a worker and I fell head over heels in love for Devyani in light of the fact that she talked pleasantly with me yet I needed to render retribution since they showed me out of this house. I needed to give an exercise to Bhavani Chavan and that is the reason I showed my craving to wed Devyani however now I am terrified of Virat so I am venturing back,I don’t adore Devyani and I will not wed her so don’t trouble me once more.

Devyani begins sobbing. Bhavani asks Sai does she has anything left to say? She discloses to you brought that misrepresentation back in our home and you were moving everybody to get him hitched yet see Devyani’s condition now. Bhavani tells Sai even she is liable for Devyani’s condition. Sonali advises she isn’t in circumstance to say anything. Read more……