Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Me 19 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Sai gets back. Bhavani stops her and inquires as to for what reason is so quiet. Ashwini asks how was her lunch? Sai tells she didn’t eat. Ashwini inquires as to whether she is alright? Ninad tells Ashwini will not comprehend without getting slapped. Sai advises how dare Ninad converse with Ashwini like that?

.Omkar reveals to Sai not to converse with slight with Ninad. Bhavani and Sonali keep offending Sai. Ashwini advises Sai to overlook them and explain for what reason didn’t she eat? Sonali discloses to Ashwini it appears she continues to help Sai to slight others. Sai discloses to Sonali just said she is more youthful to Ashwini so why is offering guidance to her? Karishma advises she is senior to Sai so she can ask her for what good reason is she conversing with Sonali like that?Ninad tells Ashwini is liable for all errors of Sai. Bhavani tells Sai ought to be appreciative of Chavan family. Sai educates they were concerning to prevent her from heading off to college. Sai says once I get my grant cash I will restore it to Virat sir. Pakhi requests that Bhavani let her return to her home as she can’t this battles any longer.


Usha requests that Sai go to her room. Pakhi reveals to Sai you are the purpose behind all the battle in this house. Sai tells today everybody delighted in as a result of me. They were appreciating when Virat halted me. Pakhi tells on the off chance that you are failing to remember I requested that Virat leave your hand. She inquires as to whether she went to eat or something different?


Ashwini asks Sai no compelling reason to contend any longer. Karishma tells going for lunch was only a pardon to get away from work. Omkar inquires as to for what reason didn’t she eat? Bhavani says when Ashwini asked Virat to drop you for what valid reason didn’t you let him.

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Everybody begins Sai addresses in a steady progression. Pakhi tells Virat hasn’t contacted food yet. Ashwini tells if Virat felt awful he might have halted her yet he did what he gained from his dad since youth.

Sonali reveals to Ashwini not to talk anything about Omkar. Pakhi tells we as a whole ought to have cerebral pain since you continue to cause situation regular. Virat tells Sai will not get food today. He says this a house not a lodging that she will get food at whatever point she wants.Ashwini reveals to Virat how might you prevent Sai from having food. Pakhi insults Virat to excuse Sai and feed her with his hands. Virat prevents Ashwini from bringing nourishment for Sai.


Ashwini tells she is ravenous from morning and head is tormenting. Usha reveals to Virat you are not doing right today. Sai says I didn’t realize I have made this house a lodging however on the off chance that this was a hotel,I ought to have had opportunity. Sai advises I won’t eat in this house after today. I will organize my food. She offers cash to Usha and advises her to bring food from eatery for everybody.

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