Sonali tells when will Karishma get back from work and I will get rest. Karishma discloses to I needed to astound you so I didn’t advise you. Bhavani asks where is Sai and when has she called Pulkit? Devyani is energized and asks opens the entryway and starts searching for Pulkit. Sai tells Pulkit isn’t here yet,she attempts to quiet to Devyani. Karishma asks Sonali what is this new wind in the story? Sonali advises it is a boring tale and I will disclose to you later. Ninad tells where will Pulkit go,he is a misrepresentation so he may have fled. Bhavani reveals to I know both of you don’t consent to my choice of meeting Pulkit however that doesn’t mean you will say anything.

Sai tells she has educated Pulkit that Virat discovered proof against her. Bhavani advises I am allowing to Pulkit so for what reason could he fled? Omkar tells since he doesn’t have any proof to demonstrate his guiltlessness so he has fled. Ashwini advises Omkar and Ninad not to discuss Pulkit before Devyani. Ninad tells Pulkit doesn’t merit any opportunity.

Bhavani advises Ninad and Omkar not to oppose Pulkit or Devyani’s condition will decline. She tells if Pulkit is straightforward he will come to meet me. Sai tells she got a message from Pulkit however the message is sent by the ruffian. Sai tells the message say I will not meet Bhavani. Bhavani inquires as to for what reason would he not like to meet me whenever he is getting an opportunity to substantiate himself? Sai takes a stab at calling again yet the ruffian continues to dismiss the cancel and switches the telephone.

Ninad advises Mohit ought to figure out how to act from Bhavani. Bhavani tells I was not acting what did you both think? Both of you haven’t comprehended me yet,no one can see my actual side and starts snickering. Bhavani tells just I know how I controlled my giggling and acted to cry around then. Omkar tells she made a full evidence plan. Bhavani tells I will not allow individuals to understand that she is following my orders. I will refute her before everybody and after that whole family will consider Pulkit a cheat and extortion.Read More……….