Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Me 18 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Virat discloses to Pakhi that Sai says Pakhi doesn’t conceal her affection from anybody and he shrouds his adoration for Pakhi. Pakhi inquires as to whether this is valid. He says no, she should be knowing her fact, however his reality is she is his senior sibling’s better half and his old buddy and that’s it; he is sorry for Sai’s severe words today. She says sorry subsequent to giving her torment for entire life, sorry in the wake of failing to remember his guarantee, sorry in the wake of deleting her emotions from his heart, sorry for meeting her Nasik, compelling her to wed his sibling, and so on His 1000 sorry won’t change her life’s circumstance and truth is she alone and don’t know till when she will be distant from everyone else. He strolls towards her. She stops him irately and says his one wrong choice demolished 3 lives and expectations he wouldn’t have taken

this choice by any means. He stands quietly while she keeps crying. In family room, Bhavani shouts that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what Virat saw in Sai. Ashwini argues her to stop. Bhavani shouts that she generally underpins her bahu’s bad behaviors. She reveals to Saloni that she disclosed to Virat will loathe his better half soon, don’t have a clue when will that day come. Saloni says she shouldn’t worry about Sai as she will proceed with her trouble making. Ninad backs her. Bhavani says let us not ruin our day due to Sai. They all leave. Bhavani thinks day is spoilt on account of Sai and she will demolish Sai’s life for that, she will show Sai what dramatization implies when she gets back.


Sai arrives at Pulkit’s home. A woman named Madhuri welcomes her in and says her sir has gone out to bring Harini, so she can unwind till at that point. Sai thinks in the event that she is sir’s significant other, there should be sir’s family pic where he is with his better half and girl. She look through pics and finds just Pulkit and his little girl’s pics.


Mohit gets back and brings samosas for Karishma. Karishma energetically inquires as to whether he found a new line of work, she will educate Bhavani kaku. He stops her and says he went for his play practice and brought samosas from that point. She inquires as to whether she should FD samosas. He says he can’t tackle work as he prefers just acting. She contends him and hollers not surprisingly. He says he will satchel his enthusiasm and will follow Sai’s recommendation. She says Sai herself can’t do things right and is showing him now. He asks how did she respond. She says Sai battled with family and went for a lunch with her teacher. He asks what’s going on in it.

Madhuri requests that Sai sit and says Pulkit acclaims her food consistently, yet never lauded her food as she cooks for him since numerous years. Sai figures she should be certainly Pulkit’s significant other. Madhuri asks her again to sit. Sai says she will go at this point. Madhuri requests that she stand by till her sir comes. Pulkit returns and says he figured she won’t come. Mahduri asks where is Harini. Harini enters. Madhuri embraces her calling her girl. Sai thinks she is unquestionably Pulkit’s better half. Harini inquires as to whether she is Sai Joshi, father says she starts things out in tests consistently and inquires as to whether she needs to turn into a specialist like daddy. Madhuri takes her in. Sai discloses to Pulkit that she will leave now. He inquires as to whether she is irate that he arrived behind schedule, it on the grounds that Harini had her companion’s birthday and he went to get her. She requests that not clarify his private matter with her. He asks what occurred, on the off chance that she is irate that he didn’t call Virat along; when would he be able to go to her home for lunch, and so on Sai says he shouldn’t come as her family doesn’t care for him coming and will affront her. He asks what precisely occurred. She asks where he used to remain in Sundar nagar. He says Chavan Nivas. She stands stunned and thinks her uncertainty was correct, Devi is hanging tight for her better half since years, however he has proceeded onward with another person. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t he illuminate her about it prior. He says now and then they need to conceal convoluted issues and asks again when would he be able to go to her home. She says never and she will go at this point. He inquires as to why. She says she had come here with an expectation. He asks what trust. She leaves. Madhuri inquires as to for what reason did his understudy abandon eating. He says even he doesn’t have the foggiest idea.


Saloni serves lunch on table and inquires as to whether she should serve her conventional Marathi food. Bhavani inquires as to whether she is feeling hungry. Saloni says indeed, at that point says no, she needs to serve her food. Bhavani says she doesn’t want to have food in the wake of seeing Sai’s show. Saloni say she is correct.

Bhavani asks where is Patralekha. Saloni says she went to her room subsequent to preparing food, she was looking strained. Bhavani says its undeniable as even they are completely strained. Ashwini brings buttermilk for her. Karishma thinks its best an ideal opportunity to incite Bhavani against Sai and says Sai told Mohit… Saloni cautions her not to begin now and bring Ninad and Omkar for lunch.


She goes to call them. Bhavani inquires as to whether Virat will descend for lunch or not. Ashwini says she doesn’t figure he will descend today. Pakhi strolls to Bhavani and inquires as to for what reason didn’t she possess lunch yet as its energy for her medication. Bhavani acclaims her that she suspects as much about family and requests that she take food thali for Virat. Ashwini stops her, however Bhavani as common shouts at her and sends Pakhi up.

Pakhi takes nourishment for Virat and apologizes for talking inconsiderately to him on account of Sai. Virat says he would not like to have food. She says she knows him well and realizes he blows up when is eager. He requests that she remove it as doesn’t want to have it. She inquires as to whether he would not like to have food without Sai. He irately turns, and she drops food plate. He says great she dropped it as he would not like to have it.

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