Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Me 15 March 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Virat reveals to Sai that Pulkit deceived her that Harini is his and Devi’s mom and made Madhuri as Harini’s gatekeeper, so he questions that Harini and Pulkit and Madhuri’s girl. Sai says he has misconstrued as Pulkit thinks about Madhuri as his sister. Virat (depicts himself as the stupidest IPS official on earth) asks then for what reason Harini calls Madhuri as Maa. Sai says the two of them call each other with short type of their name, Madhuri calls Harini as Hari and Harini calls Madhuri as Maa. Virat inquires as to whether Pulkit to her this and she aimlessly confided in him. Sai says he is aimlessly confiding in an unknown letter which is shipped off criticize Pulkit, imagine a scenario where she sends a mysterious letter that Virat Chavan is a bootlegger, will he think of it as obvious and capture himself. Virat furiously takes a gander at her and says in the event that she thinks this is a trick, he will examine after holi and discover who send this letter and its area, its an issue of his family and Devi’s respect.

Pakhi remaining close to entryway hears their discussion. Virat sees her and inquires as to whether she had some work. She says she will come after at some point. He says she came at the ideal time as he was clarifying Sai that Pulkit is concocting stories to trick Sai and gain her trust. Pakhi says she is certain that Sai is astute and not a nitwit. Sai says she is keen and realizes that Pulkit isn’t lying. Pakhi asks how might she trust Pulkit who disappeared years prior and din’t come once to meet Devi, this is on the grounds that Chavan family thinks about Pulkit’s goals. Sai says it doesn’t require some investment to know an individual’s fact, she is certain Pulkit is correct and she doesn’t mind what other relatives think. Virat requests that she end this subject at the present time, he realizes how to manage Pulkit and realizes Pulkit’s end won’t be useful for making’s Devi extremely upset, so Sai shouldn’t uphold Pulkit or probably she will likewise be in a difficult situation. Sai says she will confront any difficulty for Devi’s bliss. Pakhi (in an asthmatic voice) requests to allow seniors to deal with these issues and when older folks don’t need Devi and Pulkit’s relationship to come out, why she is recklessly determined twisted to bear superfluous obligation. Sai says she can bear any obligation and will do whatever she feels right. Virat hollers Pakhi is attempting to propose her something great, yet Sai is discovering incorrectly even in it. Pakhi says how ever she attempts to secure herself, Virat’s better half consistently affronts her; she had come to discuss Samrat however didn’t have any desire to upset him. Sai says Virat doesn’t get upset with her quality and even she doesn’t as Pakhi’s essence doesn’t make any difference to her, yet her essence upsets Pakhi, so she should go out and talk with Virat as she can’t leave this room regularly. Virat says let us go out and talk about Samrat and cautions Sai not to examine about Devi and Pulkit’s marriage with him or any relative until he finishes his examination.


Virat takes Pakhi to patio and asks what she needs to discuss Virat. Pakhi says she sent numerous letters to Samrat’s office, however consistently getsa answer that the don’t think about Virat’s whereabouts yet and will advise her once they discover; she can support herself, yet how might she reassure Mansi and Bhavani. Virat says even he doesn’t know as he called Samrat’s office commonly, presently even brigadier Sood doesn’t pick his call as he doesn’t have any answer when will Samrat return; they can simply ask god for Samrat’s security. He gets passionate saying this is a first holi where his sibling Jeeva isn’t with him. She supports him and says this is her first holi after marriage and her significant other isn’t with her, however Virat has his better half with her. She begins insulting about Sai once more.


Sai cries taking a gander at Aaba’s pic and inquires as to whether she does whatever she enjoys, Pakhi asserts her and now even Virat thinks same; she needs Pulkit and Devi’s marriage and realizes Pulkit is correct, however the entire world including Virat is against this marriage; her Aaba trained her that one blow can break a scaffold and like Aaba used to battle against shamefulness taking a chance with his life, even she will battle for equity accepting a danger as she can’t see Devi miserable any longer. Virat reveals to Pakhi that Sai isn’t terrible at hear, yet difficult and doesn’t stop till she contacts her fate. Pakhi requests that he raise sure Sai’s demonstration doesn’t hell family and she trusts after Virat’s notice, Sai won’t conflict with him. Virat trusts same.


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