Sai says she doesn’t flee from her duties. Contemplating and turning into a specialist is her duty also and she will satisfy both her obligations. Sonali reminds Sai that there are more taught individuals in the house. Mohit requests that everybody stop for Virat at any rate. He has quite recently gotten back from the emergency clinic.

How might they be obtuse toward the point that even in circumstances like this, they need to refute Sai. Bhavani says that she was asking why Mohit didn’t utter a word. Her ‘master’ is back. Sai says she isn’t anybody’s master. She and Mohit can simply see one another and what issue they have with that? Ninad asks Sai for what valid reason she has issue when Virat and Pakhi have a similar bond? Sai says it’s not a similar bond and they know it. They proceed with contentions. Sai inquires as to why they are causing a situation when she is simply back to deal with Virat. Devyani’s point comes and Virat talks in support of Sai. He says this house just can’t see anybody’s joy. Sai pardoned him and got back to the home, however nobody is glad. Ashwini says she is cheerful, Mohit is glad. Mohit says some are extremely angry with Sai’s return and some have cried also. Pakhi takes a gander at Mohit and inquires as to whether he’s provoking her. He says he’s simply talking reality, yet this house doesn’t care for somebody talking reality. Bhavani answers back that it’s Sai’s impact on Mohit. Presently Sai answers to Bhavani which leaves everybody stunned. She at that point discloses to Virat that she will take him to his room. He says he will pass without anyone else, however battles.

She helps him. After they leave, Bhavani insults Ashwini that she ought to observe Sai’s return. Ashwini likewise insults back. Sai assists Virat with sitting in the bed. Virat takes a gander at her and grins. Sai takes a gander at the table and says he kept all her stuff securely. She figured he probably discarded everything as he was so furious at her. He advises her not to humiliate him more. He would not like to discuss the past. She says they will not about it once more. She was leaving and her dupatta stalls out.

She thinks Virat is holding it and requests that he let it go. She turns around and sees it stalled out and feels off-kilter. He says on the off chance that she needs, he can hold her back with him. She calls herself insane. She takes a gander at Baba’s photograph and says that last opportunity she came in light of the fact that he gave her Virat’s obligation and this opportunity she came on the grounds that she assumed Virat’s liability. Virat reveals to her that he is glad to see her. Ashwini brings nourishment for them. Sai says she was extremely ravenous. Ashwini takes care of them both. Sai embraces her and says she missed her a great deal. The two of them get enthusiastic. Ashwini asks she missed her that much that she was unable to try and call her? Sai says she had killed her telephone due to a khadus jasoos. Ashwini says khadus jasoos? Sai says that she has kept that as a moniker of Virat.