Virat advises even I need to watch Devyani glad yet Pulkit is a liar. He discloses to Sai that now Devyani and Pulkit could never be hitched. Devyani inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t i be able to be hitched? She explains for what reason would you like to get me far from my significant other? Virat discloses to Devyani that Bhavani is right,Pulkit misled you and Sai. Devyani advises Pulkit can’t lie he vowed to wed me. Virat tells he is definitely not a decent individual. Sai discloses to Devyani I will get you hitched regardless of whether Virat sir would not like to get you hitched.

Virat requests that Sai quit lying. Devyani tells Pulkit can’t wed any other individual, he guaranteed me in Shivmandir. Virat advises her to fail to remember him since he made herextremely upset. Bhavani and Sai reprimand Sai for everything. Ashwini tells I can’t see her in this condition. Virat reveals to Pulkit lied even in the wake of discovering Devyani’s condition and he made Devyani cry so now I will make him cry. Read More…..