Madhuri serves food to Sai and requests that she eat well. Sai says she is and understood the worth of food when Virat showed her out of house at 12 PM. Pulkit says whatever happened wasn’t right, yet Virat is apologizing for his slip-up. Sai says let us call Devi for lunch. Madhuri says she will feet Harini later. Devi says Harini is her little girl and she will take care of her. Pulkit says she saw Harini’s conduct and should stand by until her conduct changes. Devi says she will simply take care of Harini and quiet her down. Pulkit gets some information about Sai, she will feel awful if Devi leaves her halfway. Devi says she will have food with Sai first and afterward meet Harini, begins food and discloses to Sai that she never used to have food with family prior and now she is having food with her family here. Sai says soon Harini

will have food with her. Devi says great that her terrible aayi doens’t think about Harini, else don’t have the foggiest idea what she would have done. Sai gets some information about her mom. Pulkit says soon he will take Devi to Chavan Nias. Devi freezes that her mom and uncles will hurt them once more. Sai requests that she quiet down as no one can hurt them. Pulkit says they are hitched now and need not stress over anybody, so they will visit Chavan Nivas without a doubt. Madhuri says when the individual who got them hitched doesn’t remain there, for what reason will they go there; they should stand by till Sai gets back to Chavan Nivas. Sai says she won’t ever get back to Chavan Nivas. Devi says Sai can’t remain without Virat for long and will go to him without a doubt. Pulkit says Devi is correct, Sai will get back to Virat without a doubt. Sai says circumstance and individuals change. Pulkit says it is difficult to change circumstance and individuals back and needs a great deal of mental fortitude.

Sai gets Mohit’s message that Virat has gone on a hazardous mission and solicitations to appeal to God for his security. Pulkit says it should be a similar hazardous mission. Devi says Viru went for mission when Sai didn’t excuse him. Pulkit demands Sai to accommodate with Virat. Sai says they should quit discussing Virat or, more than likely she will go to inn and have food. Madhuri demands not to go. Pulkit demands not to affront food and she won’t get delicious food in lodging. Sai thinks back Virat preventing her from having food, later mentioning her to have food with him, showing her out of house, at that point mentioning her to get back with him. She reveals to Pulki that he is correct, it’s not possible for anyone to plan scrumptious food like mother, she will eat everything and crunches all dishes. She cries saying Aayi brought nourishment for her, yet she denied to have food and offended Aayi and food; in any case she couldn’t care less pretty much this, hacks, and beverages water sobbing and saying she doesn’t make a big deal about Virat or his family. She thinks back Virat bringing her number one food and Pulkit disclosing to her that Virat needs to converse with her while on a perilous food. Pulkit says when lips don’t talks, eyes talk and she ought to get it. Sai keeps adulating Madhuri’s food and sobbing.

Viait arrives at mission scene to battle with fear mongers and goes in requesting his group not to shoot until he flags. He checks fear based oppressors’ areas and advises that psychological militants are everywhere, they all will follow him. Sai gets back to her lodging room and keeping in mind that contemplating thinks why she is pondering Virat, how would she be able to respond in the event that he has gone a perilous mission as a feature of his obligation. Virat orders psychological militants to give up. Psychological militants shoot towards him, and he fights back. Columnists cover news outside scene. Sai feels apprehensive, she gets Aniket’s call who requests to turn on news channel. She turns on TV and sees news about Virat battling with psychological militants and drops distant in concern. She thinks back Virat calling her to advise her about mission, yet she disengaging call; figures how might she be so egotistical. Chavan Family watches news about Virat boldly battling with fear based oppressors. Read More. .. . . .