Virat reveals to I will capture that con artist. Bhavani informs you and Sai don’t mind regarding this family. She asks what does Sai need? Shivani is having and illicit relationship with a wedded man and Sai is protecting her.

Virat says yes Shivani did nothing incorrectly rather she got violated. Ninad enlightens you are stressed regarding Shivani getting duped shouldn’t something be said about us all who were cheated? Sai is partitioning this family.

Ninad advises you may concur or not yet Sai will destroy this family. Ashwini tells she without any help saved your sister,none of us remained with her. Sonali says just a single improper can uphold another indecent. Virat tells simply because Shivani is a divorced person none of you are Supporting her? Bhavani tells no we are wrong,we ought to have caused her to sit at home after her subsequent separation. Pakhi tells neither Sai would have met that person nor any of this would have occurred. Pakhi tells I don’t have anything against Shivani yet I can’t allow others to slight seniors before me.

Virat discloses to her none of you could accumulate fortitude to help Shivani. Just Sai demonstrated reality to those women. Bhavani says disclosing to you resembles slamming one’s head against stone. Sai takes Amay’s number from Shiavni. Sai calls him and reveals to I took your number. She reveals to him I felt ideal to meet you today,she plays with him and discloses to him I preferred your style,smile and character. She discloses to I wished I had someine attractive and running kid like you who might really focus on me like you. Sai reveals to him he won’t inform Shivani concerning this?

He tells unquestionably not. Amay reveals to I preferred your hairs,cheeks,lips I have never seen somebody so delightful. Sai requests that he meet her at the coffe shop. Sai advises I would prefer not to be important for a crowd,there is a S behind your wouldn’t it be able to be Sai. Amay reveals to her you are married,Sai asks him are hitched? Virat mentions to Pakhi what Sai did today,you ought to have upheld her. Pakhi tells like forever your significant other is right and I am off-base. Virat approaches her not to censure Sai for anything incorrectly that occurs. Read More…..