Pakhi mentions to Karishma what Sai will realize or not simply let her know it’s arrangement of maha bhoj so need of going overboard. Ashwini requests that Sai leave she will complete the work. Sai tells she will do it without anyone else’s help as she vowed to do as such. Bhavani tells she cut her hand today with the goal that she can get away from work tomorrow. Usha and Ashwini requests that she stop. Devyani advises Virat to come outside,Sai is outside.

Virat asks what’s happening? He inquires as to whether all is well? Virat gets some information about to set off for college what is she doing here? Pakhi advises now Sai will whine to her significant other. Virat advises you don’t need to accomplish this work you are late for school. Pakhi insults and says your better half won’t allow you to accomplish this little work. Bhavani tells until she completes her work she won’t go anyplace. Virat inquires as to whether she is causing Sai to set up the food? Pakhi enlightens gripe regarding me to your better half.

Sai advises no compelling reason to stoop so low,that you won’t have the option to rise. She discloses to I guaranteed you not to affront you but rather that doesn’t mean I will tune in to all that you state. Ninad and Omi affront Sai. Virat tells They might have let Sai visit school on time today. Virat requests that Sai leave. Bhavani says all girl in-law are working and Sai will likewise complete her work. Sai tells she has completed her work and tuned in to insults too. Virat asks Sai how she got injured? She tells while pounding flavors.

Bhavani advises would you say you will actuate Virat against us now? Pakhi gets envious watching Virat hold Sai’s hand. Virat requests that Pakhi quit insulting Sai. He discloses to her method of talking isn’t right. She advises you resemble a legal advisor for Sai. Sai tells this way you have a whole multitude of legal counselors. Bhavani tells this young lady began battles once more. Virat applies ice on Sai’s injury and leaves with her. Virat purchases icepack for her. Sai is furious and doesn’t show her hand. Virat doesn’t begin Car and locks it. He tells he won’t release her till he applies the ice pack. Sai needs to concur and Virat applies the ice pack. He advises Sai to hold it between her hands it will ease her torment. Sai expresses gratitude toward Virat.

Ashwini tells the food would be delicious as the flavors were pounded by my girl in-law. Sai tells nobody likes me in your family. Virat advises you are unique in relation to everybody so they will set aside effort to change and comprehend. Sai tells there is something many refer to as mankind which couldn’t be found in them today. She tells regardless of how I carry on they won’t acknowledge me they simply need to bring me down.Virat asks Sai to in any event consider changing a bit. Sai tells I am not a child so I won’t flee from obligation. Virat advises this is life to make association among work and obligation. Sai advises I don’t have to as I am not here until the end of time.

She says when I get my grant cash and my dad’s cash I will move to inn. Virat tells wouldn’t you say you acknowledged your annihilation unexpectedly early? He requests that she accept it as a test and make place in everybody’s heart. He tells Sai battled with Jattab and Vitthal in Gadchiroli and here she can’t remain before Bhavani and Ninad. Virat discloses to I know them,they are acceptable from heart,he requests that she give them brief period. Sai tells I don’t care for anybody in this house.

Virat asks not even me? Or then again my mom? Or on the other hand Devi tai? Sai reveals to Ashwini loves me a ton and Devi is so flawless and honest. Virat asks do you think in lodging everybody will resemble you? Sai tells perhaps no. He informs her regarding issues she may look in lodging. Sai asks what does he need to demonstrate? Virat mentions to her to do just what she can do no compelling reason to accomplish work that she can’t. He tells once they acknowledge you as one of them they won’t trouble you any longer.

Bhavani acclaims Pakhi for offending Sai and advises you are the person who can tie chime on this feline Sai’s neck.Read More…..