Ghum Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Me 24th January 2021 Written update

gum hai

He indignantly yells just Pakhi brings him food and noisily calls Pakhi to bring him supper. Pakhi and everybody hear him. Ashwini while pressing garments asks Ninad for what reason is Virat calling Pakhi. Ninad hollers in the event that she is idiotic not to hear him calling Pakhi to bring food.

Ashwini defies him and clarifies a couple relationship which they need. Sayi asks Virat for what good reason is he yelling at her, on the off chance that he irate as she moved on Aniket’s melody or taking an interest in dance rivalry.


Bhavani discloses to her group that today is celebration where all ladies apply alta/red tone on beneficiary feet, they will compel Sayi apply it. She requests that ladies hold Sayi and Karishma to apply alta on Sayi’s feet. Read More…


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