Pakhi begins crying. Sai tells even your hands are nazuk and even your hands get consuming sensation because of flavors. Virat requests that Sai bring ice for Pakhi. He applies ice to Pakhi’s hands. He discloses to I thought you realize how to do this so I am sorry from Sai’s side.

Sai tells I pounded a bigger number of flavors than Pakhi that day so no compelling reason to apologize to her. He advises you are failing to remember I was sorry to you from everybody’s side. Bhavani asks how did we respond?

Virat tells we should complete this here, he advises Sai to get done with cooking quick. Sai takes care of Devyani. She gets some information about Devyani’s meds. Flashback shows him wandering on bicycle with Devyani. Read More…..