Sai discloses to Karishma will cut vegetables and Pakhi will crush flavors. Karishma inquires as to for what reason do you need Pakhi to crush flavors? Pakhi tells I have a ton of different works. She asks Usha moushi to crush zest for Pakhi. Sai insults her if Usha mousi is the girl in-law of the house? She discloses to I need to figure out how to crush flavors.

Ninad tells Pakhi is ill,Sai tells even I have fever since the previous evening so Pakhi can do in any event this much. Sonali asks would you say you are delivering retribution? Sai tells on the off chance that I could accomplish this work during mahabhoj for what reason can’t Pakhi do this today. Bhavani requests that Pakhi blend in processor. Sai discloses to you will reveal to me you didn’t prepare well if Food is so delicious so the flavors will be crushed by Pakhi as it were. Sai says Pakhi has consistently represented this present family’s eminence.

Ninad asks Virat did you bring this young lady from Gadchiroli or mental emergency clinic. Virat asks what is happening and asks Sai what is happening? Sai tells let us finish our work first. Pakhi advises Sai to recollect that she is senior to her. Sai answers yet she generally continues to battle like children. Devyani tells Sai is a legend and Pakhi is a zero. Sai discloses to Bhavani Devyani is this current family’s girl she can sit and eat with us.

Bhavani advises Devyani to leave without a moment’s delay. She discloses to one who never takes care of job on time is telling others. Virat discloses to I revealed to you not to work today. Bhavani tells we blow up by seeing you. Sonali tells leave her in mental emergency clinic. Karishma discloses to Sai needs Pakhi to granulate flavors to show her a thing or two. Sai tells I am not rendering any retribution we are simply adhering to Chavan family’s guidelines. She asks Pakhi who gave her the option to request that Usha work for her?

Pakhi reveals to I never requested that she granulate flavors. Sai tells Virat is IPS official and you are requesting that he instruct how to function? Virat tells like you were instructing Sai that day it appeared you know to granulate flavors well. Pakhi reveals to I comprehended what you needed to tell,she requests that Sai bring the flavors she needs her to pound.

Sai gives red bean stew to Pakhi for pounding. Pakhi starts pounding it furiously. Karishma begins hacking vegetables. Sonali tells Sai gain from Pakhi. Sai advises them to take a gander at Pakhi. She asks what would it be advisable for me to learn? Sai tells even I was crying that day however my tears were ridiculed that day and all of you are getting injured by Pakhi’s tears.

Sai tells I granulated flavors for Mahabhoj when I didn’t have a clue how to do it you need to pound it just for relatives. Virat advises Pakhi to get up another person will do it. Pakhi advises no your significant other needs me to do it, I will accomplish this work. Sai discloses to I simply needed you not to ridicule somebody’s agony. Pakhi tells I needn’t bother with assistance from anybody. Sai tells in view of this obstinacy I needed to head off to college with consuming hands she asks Pakhi not to do rehash a similar slip-up.