Pakhi discloses to Bhavani that she feels they all ought to apologize Sayi as Virat may reprove everybody like he chastened Bhavani. She is sorry Sayi and asks Sayi not to go hungry to school. Sayi inquires as to for what reason is she saying ‘sorry’ as she was getting a charge out of seniors reproving her. Pakhi says Sayi does show and they all watch it. Virat inquires as to whether she kidded on Sayi seeing Usha taking care of her. Pakhi says his significant other isn’t a child that everybody will deceive keep her cheerful and not tell truth, truth is a child is taken care of food when he prepares for school, however his better half says she is free and experienced young lady. Omkar hollers that Pakhi is talking right, both Pakhi and Karishma deal with entire family unit tasks including Sayi’s work. Sayi says she didn’t work today as she woke up late in the wake of concentrating till late evening, yet they all don’t need her to have food by any stretch of the imagination, she will do family tasks first and afterward set off for college from tomorrow. Virat says he will drop her till school. Pakhi inquires as to whether he did’t see his significant other’s misconduct. Virat inquires as to why she is extending the issue when she realizes Sayi is getting late for school, he can’t see how might a family which regards food such a lot of prevented a young lady from having food and offended food. Pakhi says Bhavani made that standard and she, at the end of the day, was instructing confidence to Sayi and not halting her, Virat ought to acknowledge that he and Sayi couldn’t care less about family a spot.

Sayi arrives at school surges towards her study hall when she conflicts with an educator Dr. Pulkit Deshpande and the two of them tumble down. She encourages him pick his documents. He asks where is she going. She says room number 202 as she has test there. He says she needs to go to his talk before as he is a visitor instructor and asks her name. She says she is Sayi Joshi. He says the Sayi Joshi and depicts how councilor was enthusiastically that Sayi being from a little city started things out in placement test. Sayi expresses gratitude toward him. He asks where is she from. She says Gadchiroli. He inquires as to whether she will goes here and there from Nagpur to Gadchiroli. Sayi says she presently remains in Nagpur with her parents in law after marriage. He inquires as to whether she doesn’t think she wedded at a particularly youthful back. Sayi portrays that her mom died in the wake of giving her introduction to the world and as of late her dad died. He is sorry and says great her parents in law are supporting her schooling. She says don’t think about her parents in law, yet her better half is extremely steady. He requests that she look for his assistance at whatever point she needs it. She concurs and shakes hands.

Karishma strolls to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi inquires as to for what reason didn’t she thump and enter. Karishma apologizes and says she came to express gratitude toward her for supporting ehr against Sayi and says she prefers her offending Sayi consistently. Pakhi inquires as to whether what Sayi told is valid. Karishma asks what did Sayi say. Pakhi says that she sassed about her before Sayi. Karishma says Sayi is lying. Pakhi says she can do anything and reminds how she knocked about Sayi previously. Karishma says they ought to fail to remember their disparities and together show a thing or two to Sayi. Pakhi says they should show her habits.

Sayi is occupied with concentrating in her room when Devi enters and seeing cupcakes and tea inquires as to whether she can have them. Sayi gestures OK. Devi says her tea is cold. Sayi says she needn’t bother with it. Devi asks how was her test today. Sayi says it worked out in a good way. Devi inquires as to whether her educators don’t show her well. Sayi says her teachers are great and they are huge specialists.

Devi says even her better half was examining MBBS and would have become specialist at this point. Sayi asks what is her significant other’s name. Devi requests that she focus on Virat. Sayi says she can discover her better half in the event that she tells his name. Devi says she is correct, yet flees picking cupcakes. Usha strolls in straightaway and requests that Sayi have something. Sayi says she would not like to.

Usha contacts her temple and gets concerned seeing her having fever. Outside, Bhavani hollers that Sayi used to be so ravenous and arrange Ashwini and Usha to bring her food and they would run behind her like workers. Pakhi says Sayi probably had something outside, so she didn’t come out subsequent to getting back from school. Virat gets back from obligation, and they stops. Back in room, Sayi reveals to Usha that she perceived how family made dramatization when she was taking care of her, so she would not like to have food by any stretch of the imagination.

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