Sai considers Virat’s words and can’t zero in on her investigations. Devyani comes there and alarms her. Sai requests that she stay quiet as everybody will admonish her on the off chance that they awaken. Devyani advises I went to meet you yet Pakhi was there so I came to discover you here. She inquires as to whether Pakhi was disturbing you is that why you are here? Sai discloses to her not to discuss Virat and Pakhi.

Devyani tells I didn’t eat medication today,I covered up after supper. At whatever point I eat the medication I feel extremely drowsy and my head torments a great deal in the first part of the day. Sai advises in the event that we show you to some great specialist possibly you will be well soon. Devyani tells Shivani bhua is right,Sai is the awesome. Sai inquires as to whether she can concentrate now? Devyani advises her to chat with her as nobody converses with her. Sai tells I have a test tomorrow I will come up short on the off chance that I don’t examine they will toss me out of school.

Devyani inquires as to whether she truly enjoys her? Sai asks her what does she think? Devyani says Ninad tells when an inquiry is posed to you should reply as opposed to posing another inquiry. She discloses to Sai that everybody chide her more after her marriage,Sai advises you don’t look wedded. Devyani tells my mother removed my mangalsutra. She advises my significant other needed to be a specialist like you. She discloses to If I take his name he will get injured.

She tells I don’t have the foggiest idea where is my significant other and little child. She isn’t sure and can’t recollect appropriately. Sai thinks if this is all obvious or simply Devyani’s creative mind. Sai advises her to believe God,she will be okay and meet her better half. She reveals to I will appeal to God. Devyani tells Virat is generally excellent don’t leave him. She blows up with Sai in light of the fact that she discusses going out. Sai asks Usha moushi for food. She advises sorry to Bhavani is late and tells from tomorrow I will complete my work before school.

Bhavani ridicules her and discloses to her she needs to do housework prior to heading off to college. Bhavani inquires as to whether she can’t assume house liability how might she become a specialist? Karishma advises me and Pakhi accomplish all work of the house yet Sai. Pakhi reveals to Sai will be a specialist soon and begin procuring we will remain here as it were. Ashwini inquires as to whether her day can’t begin without provoking Sai? Bhavani tells Ashwini is just supporting Sai. She advises Sai will educate Virat regarding this now. Usha reveals to Sai not to contend with older folks.

Karishma tells Sai is late and doesn’t accomplish any work and now Usha is taking care of her . Even after such a lot of solace on the off chance that somebody reveals to her anything she begins battling. Sai advises when I resulted in these present circumstances house you just cautioned me about Pakhi and now you are Supporting her. Karishma lies that she didn’t utter a word that way. Ashwini advises her to think prior to talking. Bhavani advises it is my choice that Sai won’t attend a university without completing house errands. Sai asks Bhavani no to build her issues.

Usha requests that Sai eat something prior to leaving. Bhavani takes plate from Sai,they grab the plate and it falls on ground and breaks. Sai asks Bhavani for what valid reason did she do this? Ashwini upholds Sai. Virat asks Ashwini what is happening? She reveals to Virat Bhavani grabbed food from Sai and tossed it. Bhavani tells do you figure I can affront food? I took plate from Sai in light of the fact that I didn’t need her to eat from Usha’s hand.

Ashwini is stunned to hear her falsehood like this. Virat discloses to Bhavani that occasionally what we don’t care for we should leave it alone everything in this world can’t be as per our loving. Sai tells my stomach is full from insults. Virat advises her to eat prior to heading off to college.