Sayi and Virat’s contentions proceed. Sayi cries that he is chastening her since morning. He says she can’t talk calmly with others, that is the reason his family is aggravated towards; he is enduring a direct result of her; he returns home tired and needs to address her calmly, yet she generally contends and ruins his state of mind. She cries that she commits error consistently. He says she extends issue like an elastic band and damages him generally, he is a human.

Pakhi hollers that she thought he resembles Kamal when he upheld her to rebuff Amay. He says he can’t be Kamal sir. She yells that he can’t be equivalent to even Aaba’s nail. He says he would not like to and there is a world separated from Kamal sir and she should consider others too.

She keeps yelling. Sayi prepares for school and requests that Ashwini serve her morning meal soon as she is getting late. Bhavani orders her to complete housework first and afterward attend a university. Says she is now strained with respect to test and picks food plates. Bhavani grabs it and the plate tumbles down.