Virat strolls to his room and reveals to Sayi that Amay is accused of phony and disloyalty case and will be in prison for long. Sayi thinks morning he was yelling at her toward the beginning of the day, presently he will encounter her quietness. He regarded his police uniform, else he would have shown a thing or two of life to Amay. She doesn’t respond and keeps examining. He says she isn’t talking now, she was anxious to rebuff Amay toward the beginning of the day and now isn’t responding in any way. She says she uncovered Amay and as a cop it his obligation to get and rebuff him, what is there to talk. He says she never talks appropriately, why she thinks she is in every case right and adversary wrong. She asks when did she say she is correct consistently. He says her conduct talks. She blows up. He says he thinks multiple times prior to talking. She says she doesn’t need to, yet why he thinks multiple times. He gets more irate and drops jar unintentionally. Bhavani listening to sound strolls and asks what broke. Ninad says something in Virat’s room. Virat inquires as to whether she cherishes contending.

She says she was simply concentrating subsequent to getting back from school as he advised to figure out how to keep up harmony among home and studies, so she completed work and was reading for test, yet he is halting her. He inquires as to for what reason will he stop, wouldn’t she be able to acknowledge what is her picture in family’s eyes. She says he was supporting family and reproved aayi in the first part of the day. He says aayi was supporting her as common when family was correct. Their contention proceeds and he says she makes show consistently and inconveniences family. She says she didn’t make any dramatization and just uncovered Amay’s fact. He says she might have disclosed it to family appropriately. She yells he saw his family’s misconduct towards her, his family was against her attending a university, he upheld her at that point and didn’t think he was contending with family, why he suspects as much at this point. Their contention proceeds.

Bhavani with family begins her show in living him and shouts that there was dramatization during day and it began even at this point. Ninad shouts at Ashwini that her bahu contends with individuals in the first part of the day and now with her better half. Ashwini says he is talking as though they sentiment, he battles with her consistently. Saloni requests that Bhavani stop Virat and Sayi’s battle so they all can rest calmly. Pakhi says he will proceed to check. Ashwini stops her and requests that not meddle among a couple. Pakhi says Virat returned home late and haven’t ate at this point, so she will tkae supper for him. Ashwini stops her and says let a couple accommodate first, she shouldn’t meddle till at that point. Bhavani hollers at her next.

Sayi and Virat’s contentions proceed. Sayi cries that he is chastening her since morning. He says she can’t talk calmly with others, that is the reason his family is aggravated towards; he is enduring a direct result of her; he returns home tired and needs to address her calmly, yet she generally contends and ruins his state of mind. She cries that she commits error consistently. He says she extends issue like an elastic band and damages him generally, he is a human. Pakhi hollers that she thought he resembles Kamal when he upheld her to rebuff Amay. He says he can’t be Kamal sir. She yells that he can’t be equivalent to even Aaba’s nail. He says he would not like to and there is a world separated from Kamal sir and she should consider others too. She keeps yelling. Sayi prepares for school and requests that Ashwini serve her morning meal soon as she is getting late. Read More….