Virat says Sai will proceed with her investigations yet in Nagpur not in Chavan house. Pakhi says I don’t trust it.Bhavani says Chavan house is inn for Sai. She will not miss getting the extravagances. Ashwini says Virat ought to have persuaded Sai. Sai can’t keep away from him.

Ashwini demands Virat to go once more. Virat sits and says I attempted a ton yet I hurt her self esteem. She will not pardon me. Virat discloses to Sai will be back when she will want to return. He will make an honest effort to persuade her yet will not power myself on her. Pakhi says Sai is ridiculing Virat.

Pakhi controls Virat against Sai saying Virat is manikin of Sai. Virat yells I can’t hear any awful word against Sai. Virat uncovers to Pakhi I love Sai and its not off-base. Read more….