The Episode begins with Mohit advising Ashwini that Sai has come to see Virat. She was concerned for him. Ashwini gets overpowered to realize that Sai actually focuses on Virat.


Sai discloses to Virat I needed to hear from you that you need me here or not. Virat says he is really glad. Sai says she will converse with the attendant to think about Virat’s medications. Virat says he previously took them. Virat advises Sai to sit alongside him.

Sai says why so? He jokingly says kindly gaze at my attractive face on the off chance that you are not getting what you ought to do. He giggles. Sai gets enraged and is going to leave yet Virat holds her hand. He feels torment.


Sai at that point goes to him. She says how are you feeling now? Virat says I am feeling acceptable the second somebody entered yet Sai asks who is that? Medical caretaker comes for offering medine to Virat.

Virat prods Sai saying in light of medical caretaker I am feeling better. Sai at that point gives him the medication and they share a charming second together. ( ghum hai kisike plays)


Omkar says how might Sai return after all these. Bhavani says she is bold. Ninad asks Pakhi then for what valid reason you returned? Pakhi says on the grounds that Virat needs Sai to care for him and sent me away.

Ashwini says Sai is attempting to control Virat and exploiting his medical issue. Ashwini objects saying Sai was never a go getter else she would have come from Gadchiroli when Virat demanded. Sai got stressed for him when she learned Virat took slug.


Ninad and Omkar again fault Sai saying in the event that she really focuses on Virat for what reason didn’t she return that day and now she has no privilege to care for Virat. Ashwini says you failed to remember Virat revealed to us he will consistently hang tight for Sai. They fraternized and Pakhi didnt like the reality. Pakhi gets stunned.

Sonali says why you ridiculing Pakhi’s tears. Ashwini says the inquiry is the reason Pakhi is dismal? Due to Virat and Sai’s get-together? Sonali and Karishma tell Virat ought not have dealt with Pakhi like that.

Ashwini inquires as to whether a couple need to hang out? Pakhi has no feeling that is the reason she is feeling pitiful for returning back.


Ninad advises Ashwini to not offer talk to Pakhi. Ashwini says Pakhi constrained me to do it. Bhavani says you, when all is said and done, need an exercise. Your Sai is upsetting us just not Pakhi. Mohit upholds Ashwini and Karishma stops him. Ashwini offers guidance to Pakhi saying focus on your better half and petition God for his return.

Virat and Sai again bother one another. Virat reveals to her I am not unreasonably terrible looking. In school young ladies were insane for me. They were prepared to pass on. Sai says they needed to pass on subsequent to taking a gander at you horrendous face. Virat says they used to remain in line to see me.

Sai says that was a result of tying rakhi on your hand. Specialist comes and Virat asks her do you think I am attractive don’t misunderstand me. Specialist answers yes you are. At the point when I saw on screen you glanced so great in uniform.

Sai stops her and Virat says yet my significant other doesn’t think I am attractive. Specialist praises Sai also. Specialist advises them to remain together. Medical caretaker comes to give wipe shower to Virat. Sai assumes the liability saying being his better half she will give him shower.

Sai begins doing it and it stimulates Virat. Virat moves his legs saying what you doing? Sai says you are frightened. Virat advises her in the event that it was so I wouldnt have gotten the fear mongers. It’s a typical body response. Sai gets irritated and Virat holds her hand. They gaze at one another.

Precap-Bhavani discloses to Virat we are glad that you are recuperating however this Sai is back even after she said she will not come here once more. Virat says to Sai its your home as well. Sai says she will leave after Virat’s finished recuperation.


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