Help desk software Download:- Most clients ought to downloads the most recent effectively created HESK discharge: HESK 3.2.2. Be that as it may, in the event that you need a steady assistance work area for heritage stages (with no portable amicable UI), at that point HESK 2 may be for you. A great many sites actually use HESK 2 so we keep on offering help and bug fixes for it.

Help desk software Download

When is the HESK 2 End of Lifetime (EOL) Date?

HESK 2 doesn’t have an EOL Date set and we intend to keep supporting it for a long time to come. Note that HESK 2 won’t get any new highlights. Nonetheless, it will get security, bug and similarity fixes. At the end of the day, HESK 2 has gone into Long-term support (LTS) lifecycle.

I downloaded HESK, presently what?

Concentrate (unfasten) the records and organizers from the HESK download document, at that point open the docs/index.html document and adhere to the bit by bit directions under “Establishment”

Is there a simpler method to get HESK?

Why indeed, there is, a debt of gratitude is in order for inquiring. To get a problem free assistance work area going in minutes, if it’s not too much trouble, pursue HESK Cloud.

Would i be able to overhaul HESK 2 to HESK 3?

Indeed, you can refresh your HESK rendition 2.x.x to HESK 3. Please login to your assistance work area, go to Settings and snap the Check for refreshes connection to see accessible update choices.

Would i be able to redesign HESK to SysAid?

Tragically no, HESK and SysAid are two distinct items from two unique organizations. To make the most of SysAid’s high level highlights if it’s not too much trouble, pursue a SysAid free preliminary.

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