Friends, today we are going to talk about some of the games of Android mobile which are very popular in the gaming world, these games have made a boom in the world of games of Android games. Call of Duty, Free Fire, and FAU-G (fuji) Download in the top games which are about to be launched, all come in the top list. In this article, we will discuss some good quality of these games and how many GB or MB this game has.

Call Of Duty

Talking about India’s most popular Android game, if you talk, it is now Call of Duty. In fact, when PUBG was not banned earlier, the most played Android game in India was PUBG Mobile, but after being her sister, games like Call of Duty and Free Fire have replaced her. If known, it is older than the pubic game. Earlier this game was played only on a laptop or computer, but in March 2019 the Android version of this game was also launched and now we can play it easily on Android mobile as well, the size of this game is 1.5 GB of Android Mobile. A little glimpse of this game is given below, you can get an idea of ​​this game from there. This game can be easily downloaded from the play store.

Free Fire

After Call of Duty, the most played game in India is free to fire in the present time. Because this game is exactly like the pub live mobile game and the demand for this game is also slightly less than the PUBG game. Talking about the size of this game, it is 628 MB. A glimpse of this game is also given below, you can see the trailer of this game by looking at it. You can easily download this game from the play store.

FAU-G (fuji) Android Game

This game is coming to compete with the public game. And it is also being speculated that this game is going to be Android’s top one game. This game will also be like a pubic game. The first add to the FAU-G (fuji) Android Game is done by Akshay Kumar. And this game is going to be launched among us very soon. When this game will be launched, you people can easily download this game from the play store. This game is going to be launched in an absolutely free version. The biggest thing about this game is that this game is being launched by India, while the pubic game was launched by China and was a Chinese game and hence it was banned in India.

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