FAU-G (fuji) Android Game

This game is coming to compete with the public game. And it is also being speculated that this game is going to be Android’s top one game. This game will also be like a pubic game. The first add to the FAU-G (fuji) Android Game is done by Akshay Kumar. And this game is going to be launched among us very soon. When this game will be launched, you people can easily download this game from the play store. This game is going to be launched in an absolutely free version. The biggest thing about this game is that this game is being launched by India, while the pubic game was launched by China and was a Chinese game and hence it was banned in India.

Faug game teaser


The teaser of the Fagu game has been released. Do what leased by youtube. Similarly, soon you can download this game and soon this movie will be released in India. You know that Pabji has been banned, that’s why the people of India have decided to launch this game, similarly this game has also been promoted by Akshay Kumar.

This game is likely to be better than PUBG because it will have maps of all India over it is going to be a very interesting game. You will soon be able to see this game in your play store.

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