Scene 1

Kranti is choosing a saree. Amar picks it for her. Kranti says what are you wearing on your date? She says a coat. Kranti requests that her attempt a saree. Amar says I never wore it, Kranti says attempt it for this time. She picks a saree for her.

Madam is video calling her dad, she cries and discloses to him that everyone deceives me. Her dad says you can imagine that I am your companion, we will go out for supper. Madam cries and says OK.

Sanam gets back home and converses with Addu. Sanam discloses to him that I kissed Madam’s photograph and Chatterjee snapped the photo. He needs to show it to Kranti so you should meet him. Addu curses him however then concurs.

Sanam and Addu return home. She says you came early today? Sanam says I had a gathering close by so got free early. She approaches on the off chance that they are going for supper? He says yes. Kranti and Amar leave.

Sanam and Kranti go to an eatery for their date. Kranti says this looks extravagant. He says it’s nothing for you. Kranti says you don’t bring me here frequently, I like this. The server inquires as to whether they need some wine? Kranti chastens him that we don’t drink so how might you inquire? Sanam says it’s his obligation. Sanam sees Chatterjee coming there. They begin requesting. Sanam sees Addu coming to meet Chatterjee as his phony spouse Kranti. He thinks they are here together. Chatterjee gives a rose to Addu. Chatterjee reveals to him that I like your look. Sanam takes a gander at Addu and clues at him to go to the washroom, Addu leaves.

Addu goes to the washroom region, Sanam says you needed to come here as it were? Addu says you ought to have disclosed to me you were bringing Kranti here. Sanam says Chatterjee shouldn’t see me. He kisses Addu’s face and expresses gratitude toward him for making a difference. The two of them leave.

Sanam comes to Kranti. She inquires as to whether he is fine? Do you have gas? Sanam requests that her discussion in a low tone. The server brings the nourishment for them. He is going to eat yet Kranti figures he will kick the bucket and discards the food. It falls all over. Sanam avoids him and goes to see Madam and her dad coming there.