Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 8th February 2021 Written Updates

Bunty asking Shravan to advise him for what reason is he vexed. Shravan says I was disturbed about posting. Bunty asks once more. Shravan says I have saved individuals, however Dhua didn’t applaud me, perhaps he doesn’t realize that I did this, how might Suman advise him, everybody would need somebody to appreciate. Bunty says Suman got the post, you forfeited for her prosperity, its great, right. The man gets Sumo exceptional tea for them. Shravan says truly, I can make any forfeit for her. He returns home. Suman says I was stressed for you, you got late. He says you stress a ton for me, pardon me. She grins. He asks how was the gathering with Dhua. She requests that he sit. She says I was apprehensive prior to meeting him, he is so acceptable, I got settled. He says I know. She says you know my heart well. He says indeed, you don’t have any acquaintance with me, I got a present for you. He gives her a blessing. He says I m glad for you. She says I need another blessing. Ek duje… .plays… . They draw near. Jhumri comes to call them for supper. Suman says the scores will be fragmented. They go first floor.

Kavita requests that they go out together and know one another. Shravan says she has her badminton training, we can’t go. Rajender says go before Kavita alters her perspective. Kavita says you can go whenever you get a leave. Devraj says Kavita will send you without a doubt.


Its morning, Kanchan sees Suman’s pic and misses her. She gets Bunty’s call. Bunty asks how are you, were you occupied. She says you called me, I m occupied in tidying up Suman’s room. He says you would be glad to get the room. She says no, I miss Suman a ton. He says we should wager, who misses them the most, in the event that I miss Shravan more or you miss Suman, I likewise miss him, I had called to get some information about caterers, food was delicious, my companion got some information about it. She tells about cooks. She says you can accompany me, what will I get rather this assistance. He says whatever you inquire. She says fine, meet then I will say. CO says I read your record, I realized you are not a common official, you are splendid in each field, particularly sports, you will address our regiment in the opposition. Shravan expresses gratitude toward him. CO asks did you converse with Suman. Shravan says yes. CO says you are a keen official, much obliged. Suman and Bassi practice badminton. She wins. Shravan comes.


He says I feel Bassi will lose. Suman asks did you have the gathering with Choudhary. Shravan says indeed, I m likewise taking an interest in badminton title. Bassi embraces him and says I will proceed to tell Saurabh. She inquires as to for what reason aren’t you energized. Shravan says I m playing against you. She says don’t be tragic, its pixie that you play, is our adoration so frail, you win or I win, we will win. He gestures. She gets call from Dhua. She goes. Kanchan and Bunty eat chaat. He asks who asks this in remunerations. He asks how was the meeting. She says we will know it soon, I got an opportunity now and thought why not, else mum will get me hitched. He snickers. She says I m sure your family likewise pushes you for marriage. He says after all that, I don’t have mental fortitude at this point. She asks what occurred. He says fail to remember it. Suman says sorry, you got exhausted, I got late. Shravan says everybody would be in line. She says I will not allow you to stand by once more. He says I gab to you while pausing, I will follow your request. They stop the vehicle. They see Kanchan with Bunty. Shravan says perhaps they met much the same as that.

Kanchan requests that Bunty share the purpose behind separation. Bunty says we will chat on the bicycle. Kanchan goes with him. Suman and Shravan leave. Suman returns home. She calls Kanchan. Kanchan asks how are you, how is Shravan. Suman says all fine, how was the meeting. Kanchan says its in Lord’s grasp. Suman asks do you like Bunty. Kanchan says what, its anything. Suman says sorry, I saw you and Bunty together on the lookout. Kanchan says he had some work, so we went together, I grin and converse with everybody. Suman closes call. Shravan comes and asks whose call was it. Suman says Kanchan. Shravan says you got some information about Bunty, I heard you, perhaps they were together for some work, we know them since youth. Suman says I had an inquiry so I posed, did I do anything incorrectly. He says no, you are her sister, you would mind. She says we will consistently talk transparently, so that there is no misconception. He says yes. She says at that point guarantee me. He holds her hand and says guarantee. They grin.


Tv Show Name: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2

Live Streaming Timings On TV: All times are in IST (India Standard Time)


Live Telecast Days: Monday To Friday

Ongoing Air Date: 9, February, 2021

Country: India

Language: HINDI

February 9, 2021: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Today Episode Start with..In Progress… read more……

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