The specialist checks Durga, Dev comes there as well. The specialist says I have given her the medication, he leaves. Nitu requests that Dev go to his room, he says I am not leaving Durga. Tara says I am with Durga, don’t stress. Dev leaves. Tara thinks I need to have a deep understanding of Tara.

Damini gets a letter that force has gone into her home, in the event that she remains here, at that point your end is close, the following overshadowing will empower that power. Damini finds a little sack there. She looks on.

In the first part of the day, Durga awakens. Tara inquires as to whether she is fine? Kabir brings an apple for her. Damini comes there and requests that Tara proceed to prepare, she leaves. Damini reveals to Durga that you were protected outside, you did a slip-up by coming inside. Durga says I have Mata downpour with me so nothing incorrectly won’t occur. Damini says you won’t have the option to remain remaining before me any longer. Durga says my force of affection will ensure me and I will secure Dev. Damini says you need to behave recklessly? We should do it at that point.

Damini calls everybody in the parlor. Batra comes there as well. Dev and Durga come there as well. Damini makes Dev with sit her. Damini says the overshadowing will occur in 15 days so I will get Dev hitched to Durga. All are dazed. Batra says how did this occur? I’m upbeat. Damini says you can carry papers to get it named to Durga as she needed that right? Durga says I am glad to hear your choice, I need the privilege as Dev’s significant other. Damini says till the wedding doesn’t occur, they won’t remain together. Nimu says all rooms are reserved at the present time, just Dev’s folks’ is left. Batra says she can remain there. Durga says it will be a gift for me. Damini gives her the room’s critical. Durga goes to appeal to Mata Rani. Batra leaves from that point subsequent to gift Durga.

Durga goes to the room and attempts to open it however it doesn’t. Damini comes there and says you won’t open it so without any problem. She attempts to move close to her however Durga is holding Mata’s godlike object. Damini discloses to Durga that nobody opened this room since Dev’s folks passed on, how might you open it? Durga says Mata will show me the way. She places the key in the lock and it opens. Damini is shocked. Durga grins at her and she leaves. Durga goes into the house and it’s shrouded in residue and web. She sees a diya light up before Dev’s mom’s photograph. She begins tidying up the room.

Durga tidies up the room and petitions his mom. Dev comes there and is enthusiastic. She requests that he come inside, he sees his mom’s photograph. Durga says every one of our difficulties will disappear, don’t stress. The two of them petition Mata Rani. Read More….