Durga Mata 29 January 2021 Written Update

Durga comes into the wilderness. she takes a gander at the guide and is confounded. Durga attempts to proceed however gets halted by an undetectable divider. She glances around and says I can attempt another way. She implores Mata to help her and she can pass the divider. Durga says why I couldn’t cross the other way? Out of nowhere winds blow and she sees a note coming her direction which says who right?

The minister reveals to Ambika that Durga is a child, for what reason did you send her for a particularly troublesome test. Ambika says in the event that she breezes through that test, she will get the water which can bring the dead back. She will pass three phases. The primary stage is about tolerance and equilibrium.


Durga glances around in the wilderness. She attempts to address the inquiry and I am nobody. Unexpectedly she gets sucked from the divider and she sees winds all around her. Durga says I need to pass from here, I can’t become upset and equilibrium. Durga begins bouncing endlessly from the snakes. She is going to tumble down however passes that way. She draws close to the clearing however gets pulled back once more. She sees trees surrounding her. Durga slips from that point and gets sucked in somewhere else.


Durga expresses gratitude toward Mata Rani and requests that she show her the way. Durga reviews how the minister requested that she not get sucked in the wilderness.

Chogmaya reveals to Damini that Durga had the option to cross the primary test. How should she?


Durga is attempting to experience the wilderness however gets halted by the divider once more. A note is shipped off her. The inquiry is about her religion. Durga says it is the thing that our spirits acknowledge, we make our own religion. She gets sucked in another section and arrives at some place in the wilderness.

Durga glances around and gets assaulted by somebody however she can’t see anybody around. She pivots and sees a goliath hero sort of a man with a sword. He says I am Kaalyudha. You need to end it to pass this stage. He gives her a sword and says execute me before I slaughter you. Durga says I can’t do that, I simply need to save my better half. Kaal says one of needs to bite the dust, I am here to ensure this phase of the wilderness, in the event that you need to proceed, at that point you need to execute me. Remember that your better half’s life is subject to it. He begins assaulting her and says you should bite the dust. Durga attempts to lift the blade yet can’t. Kaal giggles and says you will battle with me? Durga sits on her knees and implores him. Kaal says you are a defeatist so I will head you. He is going to assault her.


PRECAP – Durga finds the well in the wilderness and starts going there however she needs to cross a scaffold. She tumbles down an extension and a young lady comes there. The young lady says I am here to complete you. She begins cutting the ropes of the stopgap connect. Durga is going to tumble down and says I can kick the bucket for my better half. Read More…

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