Presently this present one’s far and away for the youngsters’ gathering out there. Not only for its amusement remainder – splendidly shaded and brilliant activity, fair voice overs, heaps of preparation and activity – yet additionally for its most contemporary message: Time to save planet Earth.

Following quite a while of deference for Sueno’s robot, Nobita at long last persuades Doraemon to make a comparable exceptional robot. What next? The two are out gathering pieces and pieces to collect the robot toy they had always wanted. Nonetheless, the crude material accumulated really has a place with an extraordinary robot who destroyed once from the sky.

Normally then, at that point, the toy robot is as of now not a toy; it’s the greatest robot ever, Zanda Claus. What’s more, enormous is his job as well – engaging, yet additionally to save planet Earth from the Robot Army that intends to catch all Earthians.