Chotti Sarrdarni 17 October 2020 Written-Updates

Today’s episode begins with Maihar and Sarabjit returning home and you see that Sarvajit and Meher return home and the housemates are very happy to see them when Meher’s son runs away and he hugs me. is. Then Sarabjit picks up his young son and he loves him very much. On the other hand you see that human too reaches his home and meets his mother and he says that I have come here only for you when his mother Says that i knew you love your mother very much.

Then Manav’s mother also says that you should stay well with Aditi like Sarabjit keeps his wife, then his mother starts calling Aditi but Manav refuses to call and he says that I have to rest now I have come for such a long journey, then you see that he goes to the washroom and from there Aditi comes when Aditi does not find the human there, then she starts leaving from frustrated when her mother tells her that you worry about it Do not do it, you love it, but it does not come to be known, then you see that the mother who took the star from her bag would give it to Aditi from her bag and tell her that this man has brought it for you.

Israr sees that when it is time for humans, it is Sarabjit and Meher who are thinking about how they live together with each other and they are also very angry.

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In this way, you see that when the next morning happens, preparations are being made for the marriage anniversary of Sarabjit and Meher in the house, when the son of Mel is giving instructions to everyone that there should be no shortage in this party. After a while, everyone starts making their son ready. When his son becomes ready, Sarvajit comes there and he says that when I go in front of Maihar today, he will praise me a lot but when he goes in If it is, Meher does not even look at her and she is busy readying her son.

Sarvajit asks his son how I am feeling, so his son says that you look like you were before, so Meher hears this, I start laughing a lot, so why does Sarvajit say that you Sarabjit is laughing again and wants to ask Maihar how I am feeling today. Everytime you say as you used to think and Meher starts laughing at Sarvajit again. Sarabjit goes out of the room after some time and Meher is id Meher seems ready after some time and comes down.

When Sarvajit sees Meher, he tells her that you look very beautiful, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. On the other side you see that Aditi comes to the human wearing that star only when the human sees her Meher starts to appear and he is very happy to see her and asks her how I am feeling, she also tells him that he looks good but after some time he comes out of his dreams, then he It is revealed that she is Aditi, he starts annihilating her.

On the other hand, Sir was praising Maihar now, then Meher says that I do not know about the beautiful but I am most happy that I have found such a loving husband like you, this is how today’s episode ends here. .