Today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni begins with Meher and Sarabjit Meher picks up Sarabjit and calls him Good Morning, then Sarabjit tells Mer that I am bored living here and I want to go home when the nurse tells him When we will be discharged, she says that the man here wants you a lot, you are so handsome when you hear this, sir, she tells me that Jat brings out wherever he goes, then Meher says that If Jat is praised a little, it starts happening.

For the time being, give you vitamin C. For so long, there Maihar’s mother comes out of the prison and she comes directly on her. She meets Sharmji and tells him that I had told you yesterday that I will have breakfast today I will come and have breakfast at home. There is no jail that can keep Kulwant Kaur in jail, then Sujit says how can this happen, how can you come out only then Kulwant Kaur says that man is alive who is a human being How can we stay alive in the case of his murder.

So she shows a video in which the human is alive and Sarabjit ji saw that video and he tells me that it is really human then only he tells Kulwant Kaur that I already knew that you would put some kite out I will come but I do not know how much truth is there in your talk that what you are talking about is true or not and says that you will surely get the punishment for your actions because you used a knife to kill a human being. So on hearing this, she leaves.

Then Sarvajit tells Maihar that you are the diva mentor, come together with Aditi and Aunty, how is she, Mr. On the side you see that when a human sees his mother working in the kitchen, he is angry with them that Health is not good now and you are working in the kitchen, then it is that today I have to fast for you in my arms, for this I first made a sargi and now I am making breakfast, then only that it tells you to do If there is no need, he also tells Aditi that you know that mother’s health is not good, you should take care.

Then Aditi checks his BP and he falls short. Aditi tells Manav that you have a strip in Almira from there. Bring it. When Manav goes to take the vest, he opens Almira. One of my files falls down. And that is in the file when Meher was delivered, it was written that Sarabjit ji has kept Meher’s life more important than between Karna and Meher and wanted to save Meher’s life from both but one reason. If Sarvajit does not have a son, then whose child is he and he misses himself and Meher and starts suspecting that he is not my child and he also calls Meher to go. .

But Meher is out of the hospital, she is coming to Vikram’s house and there is a call in the car, and when a human calls Meher, she does not know that only then you see that the human and she give the strip to their mother at home. He leaves saying that he has some work. When he leaves the house, Meher enters his house from the other side, Vikram is going to meet Meher but Meher comes to his house aunt in my house. And meets Aditi, she says right now that you do not need to lose courage, then Aditi comes there.

On the other side you see that Manav goes to the hospital, but when he goes to the hospital Sarvajit’s room, he sees that there is no Meher but he does not ask Sarabjit ji where is the Meher. It is said that thank you very much, you brought me to the hospital on time and gave me blood. Vikram says that thank you, I should tell you that you did not tell my mother anything. My father also attacked you, but you did not tell anything. It says that Uncle humans are very good, but there must be some reason behind them, due to which they have attacked me, then the human says that there will definitely be a secret behind this.

What you do not know and Papa knew, then Vikram tells Sarabjit that man is alive, Sarjeet says that maybe your health is right but you know mummy ji that he is trying to save someone. You can also go to great lengths and you know for sure that Madam is alive. Vikram starts thinking in my mind that who knows that humans are alive, see that Aditi meets Meher and she starts telling me that I do not know what I have done that is happening to me, but you have understood me that when a man has another woman in his life, then he can go away from his wife and she says that a human being How happy luck is that he gets love even by giving hate but no one loses his love to anyone but he does not get love, thus today’s episode ends on the talk of Aditi and Meher.