In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown when Meher tells Sarabjit the truth of Vikram and Manav, then Sarvajit says that no one can snatch our Karan from us, then Aditya comes there and he is doing his brother’s well-being. When he starts asking, he says that it is fine.

Then she looks at Meher and says that you are feeling upset, then she says that nothing happened then the doctor comes there and Aditi sees the benefits of Sarjeet, then she says that everything is fine after a while She goes away from there.

Then Sarvajit says to Meher that a human being has saved my life, he could have taken my life if he wanted, but he did not do that. It is not even that the relationship is only of blood, even if I do not have blood relation with Karan, but I have raised him.

So he is my child and I cannot take him away from me. I just talk to Vikram ji on the phone that he is not a human being and he has to be a Vikram and take care of my sister’s happiness only then I will also It starts saying that no, it is not right to talk on the phone and he does not call Vikram. After a while, everyone comes home too. Kulwant Kaur is already there with Karan and is already sitting near Param and feeding him. It is said that Meher starts going to her room without calling her mother, then you know that Mamma Dekha Nani has brought a save for us, then I go away from there after some time and her husband also leaves from there.

That is why she says that I am also going from there, after some time I go to the room to see us but he is not in the room. Ravi goes to the kitchen to tell maternal uncle that the reason is not in his room. My child says that you check well, I have put her to sleep on the bed only then I go to see her.

So there is a swing in there, when Mehra goes to her with milk, when she picks up the cloth, there is a toy in it and she is surprised to see where Karan is and she gets very nervous when she gives all the security She calls and says that quickly check the cameras to see who has come to our house.

Then all the cameras are checked but he says that no one has come from outside, then she starts calling the service but I say that it will not be right to tell Sarabjit that he can get a heart attack only then Meher Param is told to go home It turns out that you will stay in your room and will not take it from here until Mama comes and tells the songs of the house that you should take care of the karma and do not let any non come into the house, then Meher is called her mother But starts getting suspicious and she goes straight to her maternal home and starts shouting there and asks her mother-in-law, where is the mother from, you have raised my child.

Tell me where my baby is, then her mother starts saying what is the son, why are you saying why I will pick up your child, then I say why did you call there and then she says that I was freezing That is why I came in the year Mehr is suspicious of her mother, then Kulwant Kaur starts to pretend that she is also a mother and why will not the pain of a mother I have not raised my child.

Then I leave my mother giving her a warning that no matter what you raise the child, Vikram, I will not let my child be anything and I will not leave anyone who has raised, I leave from there only then Kulwant Kaur from behind It is said that I did the trick and no one came to know, then you see that Kulwant Kaur says that she has raised the child, she had brought the child from Meher’s house, she had kidnapped the child on the other side. You see that Manav is happy to see Karna’s photo and I am desperate to see him, I bring a lot of toys for him and you see that Karan gets kidnapped on the other side, due to which Meher It is very disturbing that is where today’s episode ends.