In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that now I get ready to go to Hara Hospital, then ask Harleen where are you going then she says that I am going to meet Sir ji with Karan too When you are taking me, you see that I go to the hospital with every Karan, on the other hand you see that the labor divan brings home tea for his mother and wife,

then Aditi says that if you tell me If I could have made it, he would say that earlier father used to make it for mother but from now on I will make tea for you mother and only then he sees Karan’s photo on Aditi’s tablet and he tells Aditi that send this photo to me Deiti says what you have to do, then he says that I will put it on the wallpaper. Aditi says that as much love as you do with karan as much as love does to you, he says that the reason is so cute then Vikram The mother says that you should plan a baby too,

so Vikram says that this is my child, then Aditi and her mother are shocked to hear this, then Vikram Changing the matter, he says that it is like my child. On the other hand, when I am trying to walk down the head, I reach there and I ask her to sit when Sarabjit sees her child. I get very happy but Meher is very upset when Vegeta asks you why you are so upset, then I say to everyone, forgive me, because of me, the bullet that was shot on you, I felt you.

Since I have come to your life, the problem is coming in your life, then Meher says that he will take away our child from us, then Sarvajit asks who will snatch our child, then she says that human will snatch our child from us, Sarjit Is that man alive? Does Meher say that Vikram Diwan is a human; Sarjeet gets shocked after hearing that Meher tells Sir Ji everything to be true,

then Sarabjit says then why Vikram Diwan married Aditi Meher says that when he married Aditi in Yadav, his memory was gone when he was traveling on the pavilion, then his memory came back and the marriage He disappeared after a few days, then he followed us there and when you went to the police station, he came back to meet me and he was saying that your human has come but I was not the one whom I knew I am your kind,

then Meher says that I tried to tell you a lot of times, but there was a problem, due to which I could not tell you that even when you were shot that night, I am not understanding you. Was to prove what a human wants to do by attacking you, but I did not know that this is the same human that I knew because that human cannot even think of hurting someone like that when he comes to know about the child When I find out, he says to give her her baby but I cannot do it then Sarvajit says that Karan is my life and I will not give it to anyone, so today’s episode ends here