In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that when Vikram comes to know that he has a son, he starts asking for him in the afternoon, but tells me that I will not give my Karan to anyone, then I say Vikram again that you So promised me that when I give blood to Sarvajit,

you will give me what I ask for, but you have turned back from your promise, give me the promise of that promise to me only when I say that I do not give it to anyone I will give and she says that Karan is the son of me and Sarabjit, then Vikram says that I will do whatever you tell me you want me to be happy with Aditi,

I will be happy but you give me my happiness Give me Karan, then Sarabjit’s call comes and everyone comes there and she says that all Jeet ji has to talk to Vikram, then Sarvajit talks to Vikram and Meher and Man talks on the other side of Meher’s mother Mother listens when there is a mother and she takes her grandmother from there, Vikram is talking to Sir ji, then how is Sarvajit that you are very much Oh thank you for keeping my sister happy but a complaint will also come out.

My sister is sitting hungry but what are you doing here, only then he says that you make a video call now, I want to show you everything really, only then you see Meher makes a video call and Vikram goes out and feeds Aditi and says, “Didi forgive me, many times I would be very busy and unable to give time to my family but I forget that I There is nothing more than Vikram ji, when he sees all this,

he becomes very happy, then after a while the phone is disconnected, Maihar starts leaving and Vikram also goes after him and he tells him that you are my Give me Karan but I tell you how many times I tell you he is son of me and Sarabjit, Vikram gets angry and says how much you will lie if you will not give me to Karan then I will be a good husband with sister I will never do that, nor will I be able to become a good son-in-law of this house, only then the human says that firstly I will join hands with Karan in front of you mother I was singing but today I am telling you that I should celebrate with my son in Diwali even if I have to drain Karan in front of everyone’s eyes, Meher does not know what to do.

After some time Mehar will be in his room. She goes and she is very upset and in trouble she goes to her son and they pick him up and say that I will not give my child to anyone, then Param Seva asks who brought this toy, then I say That Fufa ji has brought it, then she says that this toy fails in Dustbin, both Param and Karna will play with the toys given by their mother and father only, then Param says that this balloon has brought a visa,

I am angry. It starts bursting and then its mother comes there and I tell her that you do not even talk about your mother, then I told you to drop this child but you have not heard one thing about me now. Meher says that your advice is happy but I can never say my decision is wrong even today I am right and yesterday I was right I gave this baby There is no mistake by bringing her in, then her mother goes away from there, saying that this will create upheaval in your life. Maihar is very upset that if her child does not see her scene, after some time everyone will come in.

And then we are feeding us on the Lord, when everyone asks you to eat meher, then Vikram comes there and tells him to give me Karan and you have food Lo but I do not give to every Karan Aditi says that Meher you give Karan to Vikram ji but she does not give Karan to Vikram at the behest of someone and she gets up from there saying that Karan needs fresh air He leaves the bar, then Vikram also goes after him and I tell him that you are not doing everything right, then the mother is doing a lot wrong by keeping the child away from her father, then Meher again says that How many times can I say that Karan is my son and Sarabjit’s son, this is the life of me and Sarvajeet, then only the human says that the one whom you call your Lord, Sarvajeet, left Karna to die before he came into the world.

When it was about to be born, the doctor said that between Meher and the child, you can only get the life of one, that is, if only one can live, then it leaves Nem Karan to die and demands you from the doctor. Took and he shows the paper Meher at the time of that delivery. Meher is shocked to hear this, when Vikram says that the one you love has done a lot wrong with Karan, then Meher says that you shut up That’s how today’s episode ends here