In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that when Sarabjit asks to arrest his mother-in-law and both the four, his breath says that if not about you people, think of your sons only when they go to school. What would think that his grandmother and his maternal uncle are in jail, Sir ji says do not worry about our children today,

when those people come to know, they will feel proud of us that we have punished the guilty, then only Meher says that the Inspector Sir, you arrest me, then I take my mother out and tell the inspector to take them away, then her mother tells her that she is arresting us today but when the police will know If the person who has been sent to jail for arrest is still alive,

then you cannot even imagine what will happen to Manav’s house, then the mail says that you should not worry about it, now you go to the police station, then only to Kulwant Kaur and The police arrests his children and takes them to the police station. On the other side, we see that the human being, that of Vikram The atmosphere of mourning is overshadowed at home, he is crying after thinking about his father,

when Aditi comes there and tells him that I am still not sure that my father is still there, I think my Luckily the father’s love is not written, so he starts to say in order that I do not understand why Papa suddenly went to the hospital, so the order says that you should not think about all these, then Aditi says that I will become your strength I do not know why you are angry with me, have I made any mistake,

then Vikram starts thinking something else without answering, he is lying on the side with his mother Karva Chauth’s sari, he picks her up and is very sad Till then, his mother also comes to his room and tells him that son you are my everything, I will live for you and Aditi, on the other side, Kulwant Kaur is taken to the police station. If I have to make a phone call, the policeman says that you have been arrested by Sarvajit ji, now you want to recommend someone, then only say Kulwant Kaur I want to call Vikram Dewan,

then the policemen call Vikram, the policeman goes to the side and talks to Vikram, then only when Vikram comes to know Kulwant Kaur has been arrested but Vikram tells the policeman It is to tell them that their phone is not recoverable, then only the policeman tells Kulwant Kaur all this, then Kulwant Kaur says that once more call it, then the policeman is angry with her and she It is said that I am a servant of the government, I am not your servant, that we are being run over by the police, then the policemen put those three in jail.

On the other hand, Vegeta tells me that I miss Param and Karan a lot. After some time, he makes a video call to Aditi’s house and asks her how her mother’s condition is very bad and I ask her to be encouraging. Sarvajeet tells her that Dewan Sahab was very good after a while. Sarabjit tells me to cut the phone, I am helpless that I cannot go there but you can go there. Go near. I don’t know why Dewan saheb wanted to kill me, but I know for sure that if anyone finds out that secret, it will increase the distance between us and the mind family and I do not want my Guddi family again I want to see her happy, I have found her after a long time and I can no longer let her happiness be seen. On the other hand,

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I see Kulwant Kaur’s phone ringing in the police station, she gets a call from the police. Vali says whose phone is it ringing, then Kulwant Kaur says that this is my phone, this is the phone of my friend, he does not sleep without listening to me, Lori, so you have me talk to him, then the police says that now Talk, but talk quickly, you will not be allowed to talk for long, then Kulwant Kaur talks to us, Param says that where are you Nani Karan is crying a lot,

what should I give her, then she tells the mantra and its solution, then she calls It seems to bite that I give it all from now, only then Kulwant Kaur says that son you will do one of my work, but I say that definitely Runga calls Param Vikram only when I pick up the phone, he tells Param how to have a son, then Kulwant Kaur talks to him from the front and she tells him that we are in jail and cannot find your phone. Where are you busy? If anyone came to know about us that we have tried to kill a human, then another last will arise from your family as well.

You know that your mother is a heart patient, so you should handle this situation and give us this When Vikram says to get out of jail, you tell us to talk to SBI. On the other hand, when Meher is in the hospital, he gets an eye and when he sees it, he starts having a dream that someone is getting married and There was an obstacle in it, suddenly her sleep opens and she starts coming home thinking what a dream it is, thus today’s episode ends here.