In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that Maihar’s mother tells her two sons that I have ordered food from outside, then her new one tells her why mother, you have ordered food from outside. Had to cook food, now let us see that after some time a man comes to give food and Kulwant Kaur takes the food from her.

That’s when I tell my sons to hurry to the store room when you see that Kulwant Kaur takes 3 thalia and puts dry bread and an onion in it and says that when I was younger I met a mother who said Was that the person who is going to be punished is in jail’s luck, if the loaves are eaten already, then the punishment can be forgiven, so today let’s see if I keep dry loaves in the plate for my son and myself, then Son says that you are so strict that his son’s wife is not going anywhere from us, I do not understand what mother is saying.

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On the other side you see that Param tells Fufa ji that now you go away from here only then I say that I will leave if I stop working again, I will stay here with it again, you see that when Vikram Takes him in a swing, then the reason starts crying, then Vikram is understood that he wants to play more with me. Sometimes Param gets angry and he calls his mother and tells her that since when has Fufa ji been here He is playing with her. Meher is already very worried and she is coming home on the car.

When she talks to us, she becomes even more worried that Vikram is there with Karan. When Vikram talks with Meher, I tell him that no where are you, you come here quickly I have to talk to you then Meher She says that I also have to talk to you, you stop there, I am coming now. Mehr starts to worry that if Vikram knows everything, then after some time, we see that Vikram comes out of the room. Everyone goes to Harleen asking her how Vikram ji you are here, then he says that I came to play with the children and goes to the bar saying that on the other side Vikram’s mother tells Aditi that you call Vikram and call me Maihar received a call that you go there for Karva Chauth, Vikram will come there only when Vikram’s mother tells Aditya to call Vikram, Aditi says when he picks up my phone he will not come. It is said that Aditi starts going to her maiden house.

Where Meher asks her to come when Manav comes out, she gives it to him in the car and he opens the door, he sees that she gives, he is waiting for Meher, says Tamil Vikram’s Maruti That you were worrying just like this. Look how much Vicky worries about you and since when he has been here, he wanted to plan everything for you surprise.

Health gives thanks to her. Meher also comes from behind. Meher says that we did not even know that Vikram ji is here, when I called home, I came to know that Vikram ji is here, then there Leena She goes to Aditi and says that this is not a surprise, for you your friends have also been invited here.

Aditi becomes very happy seeing this and she thanks Vikram, Aditi starts meeting her friends, then Vikram wants to talk to Maihar but his mother tells him to get ready soon because Aditi On opening the fast and he is hungry then Vikram goes away from there. On the other side you see Maihar’s mother, her sister-in-law says that Mummy ji has come for you and you have been removed by Sarvajit ji from your PR post and Kulwant Kaur When she sees the letter.

So she tells him that you are ready to go soon. We have to go to Sarvajit’s house and pray that he comes to the house of Sarbjit after being ready. When Maihar sees them, she starts asking her sister-in-law that suddenly you are here Her mother says that we were missing you, so we came here, I do not call my mother and says to her sister-in-law that you guys did well that you came here after some time you see that all the ladies are ready To break the fast, Moon comes out and hides in the clouds. Canal is talking to Sarvajit ji and she shows the scene of the conversation in the video call of Vikram and Hrithik.

Then Sarabjit is happy to see that Aditi has a smile on her face and thanks Meher that all this has happened because of you, then after some time the moon comes out again and when Vikramaditya’s fast comes. Meanwhile Harleen tells Sarbjit that we do not keep this fast in me but Meher has not even drank water since morning, he has kept a fast for you and that Sarvajit becomes very happy, thus today’s episode ends here.