Today’s episode will be shown to you in Chhoti Sardarni, Vikram brings his mother out in the hall and his mother says where are you taking me, you see when she scolds her husband, you are completely shocked and She starts crying a lot, the former says how all this is done and the sari with her hand falls.

On the other hand, we see that Kulwant Kaur is going to sleep at Vikram’s house when her sons ask where she is going, then she says that I am going with Vikram’s father, then he says that you have 100 There, Sarabjit is conscious and he will send us to jail as soon as he is done and she gets nervous and starts thinking in her mind that now there is only one person who can save us from going to jail. She goes to her house there and starts pretending there and tells her mother how everything is done, how can it be achieved from such a high height, I feel someone’s trick.

So let’s see Vikram go to her side and say what you want, she says that Sarabjit is conscious and he will leave no stone unturned to send us to jail and you tell him the truth that I am in human and I am alive If we told everything in the court there, then Iman who is a heart patient will get a big shock, Vikram says that you have so many years of fees, you are taking advantage of someone on the spot and you are not even seeing the situation that in his house What is it then I go back to her mother again and she says that I know how it is for a widowed woman to live, look at me but you have to live for your child.

You and your grandchildren will have grandchildren to live for. I know your son is very good. I will never let anything bad happen to you and I go away saying that I see the other’s work that Meher gets his son. Who does it and asks about his well being? When he asks about his father, his mother says that I am sorry to go there after some time and ask him about the condition of Vikram’s house. He says that his mother’s Bad condition has happened. After some time you see that Kulwant Kaur comes to the hospital with her two sons, then Kulwant Kaur tells her sons that you should go inside and fall in the feet of Sarvajit and tell him that our The wives are from the stomach and they will also go tomorrow and will not let you go to jail. You see that when they go in, the police are already there and Kulwant Kaur gets nervous seeing them.

Then she says that they are investigating about that bullet, then Sarvajit says that they are investigating about the attack that happened 1 year ago and on hearing this she gets nervous and Sarvajit says that these three If you arrest people, then Kulwant Kaur says that you are ashamed, you are thinking about sending your mother-in-law to jail, it is not good for you, then he says that you stop your drama and tell the police That arrest these people, in this way today’s episode ends.