In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that when Vikram learns that his father is not shot, he is shocked then he starts apologizing to his father and says that forgive me too.

Take care of your mother and do not let the Israelis know you, then you see that Vikram is shocked to hear this, then you see that Diwan Sahab goes to the window and jumps down from the building from there, Vikram is shocked to see this. As he goes, he starts going down to his father, then Meher also goes after him, the doctor comes there and he manages Sarabjit, you see that by the time Vikram reaches down, his father’s little breath She is walking and loves bringing that boy, Vikram son, I could not see this happening with you, so I did all this and then you see that their breath breaks and they are dead Vikram.

Seeing becomes very fond and starts crying a lot, till then mine goes to try to handle it till then you are there The doctor is also coming. When he checks him, he says that he is dead, then you come to the border and I start raising his father but I do not let him lift till then the doctor says that Meher The doctor is calling you upstairs, when Maihar leaves from there and tells his sister-in-law that you take care of Vikram ji, now he does not tell his sister-in-law that his father had fired on Sarvajit and he says that His leg was slipped, so Gaya falls from there, and only then Vikram does not allow Diwan Sahab to lift him up.

When I go to Ravi, he tells him that his condition is fine at the moment but he has no such thing It is not that which is harmful for it, due to this, they can also get an attack, then Meher goes inside and says that he is no longer Sarvjeet, sad to hear this and at the same time says that Diwan Sahab has done so Why has it been done, why did you want to die, then you are pouring water into the glass of Meher, thinking that if water starts coming out of class, Sarabjit It is said that the water is running out, then I also tell her what you are thinking, then she says in her heart that I cannot tell you anything that she is not thinking, then she says that you are fine, right?

So I say that yes I am fine that I was shot, so I only cared about you and the children and I had thought that I will definitely come back. I say how much I love him for the sake of my child and wife. That you are my life and say that you see how soon I recover and come home. On the other side, see that Vikram’s mother says that I am perfectly fine, why are you doing me again and again, then her sister says that Why did Papa call us and said that mother’s health is not good, if you go home,

Choti sardarni 29 October Written Updates

she says that your father continues to worry about my health, then she says with Aditi that you close your eyes. If you have a surprise, you see that he takes her to another room and there she brings a sargi which is for Karva Chauth and gives her a gift and tells her that this time we Both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will observe Karva Chauth fast for their husbands, yes, surely Aditi says she loves her husband so much, she loves her husband so much, my life is till then Vikram comes there and gives his mother Seeing it,

he starts going back and cries a lot when his mother sees him and calls him and he hugs her as she leaves as she is sitting outside taking out a red sari and is surprised to see it. That what happened to friends, today’s episode ends here.