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In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that when Manav writes the statements of the three, then he goes to Chauthi and he wants to find out about the truth from it, you see that I have every Sarvajit and then He tells the doctor that if he does not get sensation till night,

Then he can go into a coma, only then you see that Maihar gets nervous, calls the human and tells him that if he senses by night then it will If you can get into a coma, then Madam goes that they should definitely do one thing and you will do one thing in the news channel, you will not get them done by that night, they will become conscious by night and the perpetrator will definitely do whatever is done and on Sarabjeet.

We will come to know that this way, we will know who is the perpetrator, then Meher says that it can be a lot of work, so I will not do anything like this, then the mind says that you trust me, I will not let anything happen, you see Is that he goes home because I wanted to sell him, I kept him there, I have not shot him, then you see that the man goes away and Meher Anil Chain I do not make him think that the vegetable will be sensed by night, this way we see that when the human is going in the car, his father calls him and he tells him that your uncle’s health has worsened.

So, if you come home quickly, then you give that the human begins to go to the house, the light goes on in the hospital from behind and some goons come in that hospital and they all come to attack us on victory. Sarabjit is sitting next to me and I get very nervous why the light is being cut like this only when you see that a man comes there with a black cloth tied on his mouth and he starts attacking me, then Maihar knows She walks away and turns to the side from that place,

only then you see that there is a fight between Meher and the man again. Mehar keeps Sarabjit for a while, but the man pushed me. And his head collided with something and that mother fell and he went to Sanjit again and took off his oxygen, then only Sarabjit started having problems breathing, you see that do not do it again like Meher. Tei wakes up and she kills the man with a stick and reapplies that earned oxygen only then in such a long time, the human too gets to know all this and when he starts coming straight to the hospital then you send that Man comes to the runaway hospital and he arrives at the door where Sarabjit is admitted, where some people are already trying to open the door but now he is not opening the door and the human too is too late.

Chotii Sardaarni 28 October 2020 written update

He tries to open, but he does not open after some time, the man opens the door again and reaches for so long and he remembers the man so much that we see that Sarabjit is also subdued only then human Starts asking who are you then Sarvejit tells that it is Diwan ji who attacked me and on hearing this both Manav and Meher are shocked and when Man removes his clothes, he sees that it is his father who Sarabjit Is attacked and he is shocked to see why Papa did it like this, where today’s episode ends

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that when Sarabjit tells the truth to everyone, then Madam Ho takes off that man’s cloth and sees that his father, Ashish, has attacked Sarabjit when the human who takes off the cloth is Madam Begins to apologize to the son, “Forgive me, and then I go to the running window and jump down from that window and the human is shocked to see this and he takes his father’s name in a loud voice and He says why did you do it, this way everything will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode