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In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni you will be shown when I see Meher Manav, I start shouting at him and say why you have not shot Sarvajit, I have not shot him, I swear on my mother, I swear I did not shoot you. By then, Meher’s brother and his mother all arrive there and Madam says that Meher, work with your mind, the criminal is still out of doubt and he is the one who can still attack Sarabjit.

and he The perpetrator can be any one of us and Meher does not understand which of those people is the perpetrator, till then she goes to Sarvejit inside and she tells him that your beauty is with you. But you see that Sarabjit’s execution is stopped and doctors are asking him to shift to the OTP emergency ward quickly,

Then you see that Sarabjit is brought out and then Meher asks why Who has shot the person, first they do it on the human side today, but again, while turning their hand, they come to those who stand there but I Hehar does not know who is the perpetrator of those people, till then his breath starts again and he is quickly shifted to the emergency ward and Meher is crying a lot, Mehar is not allowed to go in the emergency ward.

And she is sitting down outside in the emergency ward, Sarabjit’s treatment starts only when Meher is upstairs alone, her sister-in-law comes from there and tells her that Sanjeet will have nothing to do with herself. And I go to get water, it is believed from behind and he gets his mother’s phone and his mother tells him that you tell me the truth, who has fired the bullet, then the human goes that I have not fired and who I am a criminal, I will catch him soon, then you see that the human starts going to Maihar again. When I reach him,

he does not dare say that I can even tell him a word till then his sister-in-law brought water there. Goes and Manav says that if you manage, then it goes as if it tells Maihar’s sister-in-law to drink water but she does not drink and the name of God Happens and you see that inside Sarabjit is fighting between life and death.