Meher gets up early morning. Sarab takes a gander at her and grins. He sits with her. Meher says consistently keep me and Sarab ji more grounded together. Continuously keep us favored. Continuously keep my Sarab favored and my family. Sara says and I just need one everyday routine accomplice in all experiences. Meher says cheerful commemoration. He says you as well. The children come and embrace them. They contact Meher and Sarab’s feet. Param says today is twofold festival day. Meher says why? Karan says your commemoration. Seher says and Karan and param will get chosen. Meher says both of you will be commended.


Ginni asks Yuvi will you eat pizza? He says yes. Ginni says got get 1600 from dadi and reveal to her you requested it. Kulwant checks the books. She says is this how you will do the business? Every day misfortune? Yuvi says Ginni requested

pizza and requested that I get cash from you and say that I requested. She arranges it consistently and gives me garlic bread as it were. Ginni I as it were.. Kulwant returns the pizza and says to the conveyance fellow in the event that you come here again I will break your legs. Kulwant says your better half procures right? Take cash from him. Nobody will request cash from me other than Yuvi. Purchase things according to your significant other’s profit. Jeeto says however they don’t procure. Kulwant says that is not my concern. Prepare we host to go to Meher’s commemoration gathering.


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Meher makes pancakces. Param says I will dominate this match. Karan says me.. Seher says me.. I will cause mother and daddy to eat the cake. Param says mom I will.. Seher says I will.. Meher says what was the deal? The children say we are playing criminal police and the person who wins will make us eat. Seher says Param was police this week. Meher says then Seher and Karan will become police this week. You will end up being a cheat. Rana and Ginni come. Ginni reviews Rana said ask cash from Robbie and Harleen. Kulwant, Bitu, and Ginni come too. They wish Meher a glad commemoration.


Ginni goes to Harleen’s room and says kids were getting some information about criminal police. Meher made Param theif. Harleen says see.. Meher consistently cuts Param down. I will address Meher. Robbie says it’s their commemoration. Try not to demolish everybody’s temperament. Robbie says Ginni I am certain you came here which is as it should be.

Param asks Meher where would it be a good idea for me to stow away? They are both searching for me. I need to win to cause you to eat the cake first. Meher shrouds Param in the store. Meher gets a call. Meher says what am I doing here? For what reason don’t I review? She overlooks Param. Meher locks the entryway. Meher says mom for what reason would you say you are locking the entryway? However, Meher has left. Seher is searching for Param. He holds Yuvi and says you are gotten. Yuvi says it’s me. Karan says we need to win. Karan inquires as to whether they have seen Param. He says he was going with Bitu and Rana. Kulwant asks where is Param?


Sarab meets Kulwant. She says cheerful commemoration. Meher says I love you on the cake. Karan inquires as to whether she has seen Param? She says no. Meher fails to remember what was she composing on the cake after I love.. Meher keeps the cake in the cooler. Harleen inquires as to whether she has seen Param? Meher says no. He should be in his room.

Param thumps at the entryway. He says mother, open the entryway. I’m frightened. I don’t wanna stow away here. Daddy kindly open the entryway. He begins choking. The children ask Bitu and Rana however they are drinking. They say we don’t have the foggiest idea. Robbie says he went higher up. They turn on boisterous music.

Meher prepares. Sarab says looking pretty. Sarab kisses Meher. Param shouts daddy I am stressed and frightened. Kindly open the entryway. Meher says what’s going on with you? He says kissing you. She says the entryway is open what is somebody sees? Sarab says the world’s most excellent Jatni is with the world’s most attractive Jatt. Is there any valid reason why i won’t kiss her? Meher says I know the world’s prettiest Jattni yet who is this Jatt? Harleen calls them. Meher says how about we go.


The children are as yet searching for Param. Meher and Sarab come first floor. Kulwant says great save you both from terrible eye. Meher says where are the children? Kulwant says they are playing. Harleen says let us additionally play a game. Harleen begins antakshari.

Meher moves on mera naam.. Sarab holds her sings murmur tum ek kamray mein band hoon. Meher sings with him. Kulwant goes ahead the floor and piya tuu stomach muscle tou aa jaa. Rana sings and moves on chahay koi mujhe jungli kahay. All men dance on it. The ladies dance on ina mina dika. Sarab sings pyar tumhain iss mor py le aya.

Param continues to thump. He swoons. Everybody is occupied with moving.

The children discover Param.. They shout.. Meher and Sarab come. Meher holds Param. Meher says who secured Param in the store? Who did this? Param says you shrouded me in the store and bolted it, mother. Harleen says this needed to happen one day. There’s a distinction between own blood and someone else’s blood and Meher showed it. From now onwards, I will do Param’s childhood. Not Meher. Read more………

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