Meher goes to Tarkash out of frustration and slaps him. Everybody is stunned. Meher says no you will likewise understand what agony is. Smack isn’t on face. It harms your spirit. Sarab requests that Param take Ritu inside. Meher says this man.. Sarab yells enough. Harleen says Meher what is this? How did you slap him? Sarab says with no confirmation, with no information you slapped a guiltless man. Meher says this man hits his better half and he hits his little girl also. He’s a creature. Sarab says this is each of the an untruth. Meher says this is truth. Sarab says what verification do you have? Simply your unjustifiable uncertainty? You did extremely off-base. Furthermore, express sorry to him for your misstep. Please. Meher says if considering a creature one a mix-up, yes I did an error. In the event that uncovering a monster a misstep, I am off-base. On the off chance that saving a lady and her girl isn’t right, yes I am off-base. At whatever point required, I will do this slip-up. There are such countless ladies like arti who endure their better half’s maltreatment however stay quiet so their regard stay unblemished. They continue passing on inside in light of the fact that they’re informed that spouse is God. Is this how God is? He isn’t so much as a human. He’s monster. Sarab says enough Meher ji.

Meher says what happened today was significant. Until creature like these claim to be honest world doesn’t let out the slightest peep. They misuse their spouses and children and claims to be pleasant. At the point when men think ladies are frail, ladies have option to pick the weapons and show she’s the most remarkable. Wrong ought to be halted at the correct time. Kulwant says you’re correct Meher. Jaggga says man like this ought to be rebuffed. Harleen says Tarkash ji.. I can’t accept this. Who advised you? Tarkash says Meher ji show me on the off chance that you have any evidence against me. On the off chance that I am off-base, I will leave this city. Meher says tell everybody Arti. Tarkash takes a gander at her out of resentment. Arti is frightened.

Meher says I am with you arti. Try not to be frightened. Tarkash says reveal to them Arti. Arti says this is each of the a falsehood. I never met Meher today. Neither did I actually reveal to her anything. Meher is stunned.