Seher says what’s going to Rajveer do? Kunal says no concept. Seher says what if some thing is going wrong? What in the event that they don’t like you? Kunal says don’t worry, relax. Where are you? Seher says they have to have landed, I am going to the hotel.

Param calls Badi bi and says sure we reached Toronto. No Karan left from the window. He laughs and says of route he’s with me. A vehicle stops in the front of them. The guy says are your eyes button? Can’t you see? Karan says thoughts your language. The guy is set to hit Param. Rajveer comes and shoves him. The guy’s goons come out. Rajveer says live away.

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I am Punjabi with a damaged coronary heart. I am going to assist her so my thoughts is out of its region today. Don’t mess with me or you may all regret.

Precap: Both Param and Karan are inspired with Rajveer. They want they are able to locate this type of man for Seher. Seher comes and hugs them.