Choti Sardarni 6 April 2021 Written Update:

Sandhya self-talks and apologize to Meher seeing the sky. She says assuming she realizes that this will occur, she would not have moved toward Meher for help. She chooses to leave the city thinking she is the justification Meher’s demise. Sarab breaks the mirror. Harleen asks Sarab that what is he doing and requests that he acknowledge Meher’s passing. Sarab says to Harleen that Meher will return. Kulwant catches their discussion and cries. Sarab says Meher will return for the good of he.

Sarab daydreams Meher. He says to Meher that he realizes that she will return. He requests that she not disappear from him once more. Sarab comes to reality hearing Param’s voice. Param offers tea to Sarab. Sarab apologize to Karan. Karan says to Sarab that Seher isn’t conversing with anybody as a result of him. He requests that he apologize to Seher. Kulwant chooses to live for her grandkids. Sarab understands that Seher’s body getting cold. He requests that Param call the Doctor. Read more…….



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