Meher says however I.. Karan says the ones are notable men. Param says they’re wealthy, good-looking, and elegant. Seher says however I.. Karan says Veer ji and I are coming to Canada collectively. We have organized a grand dinner with the ones men. Everything is ready. Seher says however I.. Karan says we’re coming. Param says sure get ready. Karan says she’s shy. They hold up. Seher says why did you prevent me Kunal? Let me inform them approximately you. He says you’ve got got been anticipating them to return back collectively. You waited all of your lifestyles for this. If they’re coming, don’t break it. We will inform them as soon as they’re here. Seher says you’re proper. There might be many elegant and wealthy guys might be there. I changed into questioning I have to meet, then excursion in Amsterdam, Paris. Kunal says then I will hold them with Eifel tower.

He runs after Seher. She says I changed into joking. He says don’t even comic story approximately it. Seher says I am sorry. He says we can by no means part. Seher says by no means, promise.

Rajveer cries. He packs his bags. Nikhil asks in which are you going? He says India. Nikhil says so the last wish to be with Seher is over too? Rajveer says wish? Seher loves him. They had been collectively for two years. They are approximately to get married. Nikhil says they aren’t married yet. Who is aware of what’s written in fate. Who is aware of if there won’t be a combat or breakup among them. But you will be in India. Out of sight, out of thoughts. Rajveer says don’t say that. Seher loves him. God forbid her love is taken farfar from her and her coronary heart is damaged. I wish a tear by no means involves her eyes. Can we maintain this present on her door? Nikhil says will that make you forgive her? What approximately your damaged coronary heart? Rajveer cries.

Seher and Kunal watch the film collectively. They act along it. Seher remembers what Param and Karan stated. She receives upset. Kunal asks are you ok? It changed into simply dialogue. He offers her ice cream. Seher cries. Kunal hugs her. Seher says my brothers are collectively for the primary time. They aren’t fighting. For my marriage and my proposal. Kunal says that’s a great thing. Seher says they’re my electricity however they’re my weak point too. Kunal says so? Seher says they’re coming collectively. They are very enthusiastic about my wedding. What in the event that they don’t like you? They had made a listing of commercial enterprise tycoons. How will I upload your call to that listing? I don’t understand a way to introduce you to them. What in the event that they combat again? He says ok then. Marry a tycoon. Go to Amsterdam, Paris. Seher says close up. You understand I love you a lot. I can’t stay with out you however I can’t stay with out my brothers either. I don’t understand a way to introduce them to you. He says we can discover a manner out.

Someone comes outside. Kunal opens the door. Rajveer is there. He says hi.. Actually, we didn’t need to disturb you each. This present.. It’s a huge day for each of you. I needed to go away in a rush withinside the morning. Kunal hugs him and says come in. Nikhil and Rajveer come in. Kunal says you got here at on proper time. See she’s crying. Seher is crying. Kunal says you stated you could do whatever in your friendship. Handle her then. Rajveer wipes her tears and says Seher, why are you crying? Is the whole thing ok? Seher says there’s a trouble. Both of my brothers are coming here.

Karan and Param display the men to Badi bi they’ve shortlisted for Seher. Karan says we can beautify the complete of Toronto. Badi bi says ask Seher first if she likes a person. Karan says if there has been a man she might have advised us. Param says we advised her he wishes to be no. 1 in commercial enterprise and status. Badi bi says I understand her very well. She can sacrifice any happiness for you each and to maintain you each collectively.

Rajveer says it’s a trouble Seher. Seher says what’s going to I do? He says you need to chill. Seher says I am in a lot anxiety and also you need me to chill? He says I am now no longer joking. I advised you each time you’re in a trouble, I might be status with you. Seher says for now you’re sitting. Kunal hugs Seher. Rajveer says I will introduce Kunal on your brothers. They will love him. He says no questions, go away all of it on me. Trust me, do you? Seher hugs him. Seher says extra than myself. Seher says I will continually accept as true with you. If you unite us, I will continually be thankful to you. Thank you. She hugs him. Rajveer says prevent crying now. Kunal says thanks Rajveer. We can accept as true with you. Rajveer makes her consume the ice cream.

Nikhil speaks to Dida and says I desired you to pay attention it. Rajveer is ruining it on its own. Should I inform Seher the whole thing? Dida says allow him do what he’s doing. He has a natural coronary heart. He’s God’s pious person. He doesn’t understand what the sector does to great humans like him. Let him do the proper thing, we’re there to do the twisted thing. Let him do what he wants, day after today you may do what I ask you. Tomorrow Kunal’s access might be a blast withinside the party. Seher and her brothers might be shocked.

Rajveer chooses the first-rate-branded watches and perfumes for Kunal. He meets the designer. She says very last sewing goes on. He says it have to be the first-rate. She says however you had that concept in your wedding? Nikhil says no simply design, he gave his first-rate perfume, watch, design, suit, shoes, shirt, he sacrificed the whole thing. Nikhil says what are you made of? The female you like a lot, you’re giving her to a person else? I can’t see all this. Rajveer says allow me focus on all this. Today could be very vital for Seher. I don’t need her coronary heart to damage. Nikhil’s guy comes and says didi despatched it for you. Nikhil says if Seher’s brothers like Kunal today, your coronary heart might damage and we won’t allow that happen. Read More……….