Robbie Says We Are Here To Help You. Pathak Tells Who Is He. MAnav Says Kaushal Get Them Breakfast. Pathak Says We Are Here To Help You. Manv Says But I Don’t Need Help. You Want To Help Me? Robbie Says You’re Getting Me Wrong. Manav Says If You Can’t Be Loyal To Your Family What Can I Expect From You. Robbie Says I Cared, I Couldn’t See Karan Away From His Family. He Wasn’t Treated Fairly In Gill House. Manav Stops Them. HE Says What Do You Want To Say?

Robbie Shows Him A Video. Harleen Gives The Sweater To Param. Param Said Don’t You Get Karan Sweater Either? Harleen Said But I Am Your Bua. Param Said Then I Don’t Need It Either. Meher Said Bad Manner Param. I Made Karan Wear Your Old Sweater. Sarab Said He’s Happy Wearing His Bigb’s Old Sweater. Manav Says What The Hell? How Might They Make Karan Wear An Old Sweater? Vikram Says I Will Talk To Sarab. Robbie Says I Only Wanted To Show You This Video. Pathak Says Give Us An Order.

Param Says I Don’t Want A Sweater. Meher Consoled Him. Sarab Says To Harleen You Know Param, Karan Won’t Have Been Made. Harleen Says I Can’t Do These Formalities. I Have No Problems With Him. Be that as it may, I Am Param’s Bua. I Can’t Do Anything Without Heart. Meher Says To Param, We Didn’t Get A Sweater Because Papa Will Decide Karan’s Sweater. Meher Says To Karan Harleen Will Love You One Day.

Robbie Says Harleen Will Never Accept Karan. She Knows He’s Not Sarab’s Blood. Pathak Says I Felt So Bad. Or on the other hand Give Him To His Brother. Manav Says I Will Get Karan After This Case. Pathak Says That Would Take 15 Years. Manav Says I Want Karan Now. Manav Says I Will Talk To Harleen. Robbie Says Threaten Her. You Will Tell Her You Will Defame The Family. She Would Do Anything To Protect Their Family Name. Be that as it may, You Will Need DNA Report To Prove It. Manav Says How Will I Get KAran’s Sample? Pathak Says We Will Help You.

Scene 2

Kulwant Says Where Is This Amrita? Call Her. Meher Sees Amrita. Meher Says What Are These Rashes? Robbie Brings People In. He Says Harleen Called Them To Sanitize The House. Meher Says Let Them In.

Manav Calls Devika. He Says I Don’t Want To Do This Case. We Will Resolve It In The Family. In any case Everything Would Be On Media. MAnav Calls Back Aditi. He Says I Have 23 Missed Calls From You. All Good? Aditi Says Where Are You? He Says Home. She Says Are You Sure? He Says Of Course. Aditi Hangs Up. Aditi Video Calls Manav. He Says You Video Called To Confirm? See I Am Home. For what reason Do You Doubt Me So Much? Aditi Says I Was Missing You. He Says Don’t Be So Sweet That I Get Sugar. Aditi Hangs Up. He Says I Have To Tolerate So Much For My Son.

Scene 3

Amrita Starts Crying. Meher Says What Happened? Amrita Tells Everything To Meher. MEher Is Shocked. Robbie Says To The Doctor That Karan Is In His Room. Get A Sample I Will Wait Outside.

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Param And Sarab Choose Sweaters Online. Param Says Let’s Order For Mama As Well. Robbie Waits Outside The Room. Specialists Try To Take Samples. Amrita Cries And Says Mummy Ji Made Me Wear Artificial Jewelry. It Got Me An Allergy And Then She Insulted My Mom A Lot. Sarab Gets A Call. Param Orders A Dress For Meher.

Karan Starts Crying. Robbie Says Doctor Hurry Up. Meher And Sarab Rush Towards The Room. Robbie Says Someone Will Come, Hurry Up, Please. He Sees Meher And Sarab Coming. He Asks The Doctor To Hide. Karam Is Crying. Meher And Sarab Pick Karan. Amrita Says Give Him Water. Param Says Why Is He Crying Like That. Amrita Says To Check His Diaper. Sarab Sees Robbie Hidden Behind The Sofa.