In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that when blood comes to the body in the hospital, it falls down and the whole flows away, then the doctors tell you every minute to arrange blood quickly. There is no use. I have checked with all the blood banks. This was the last border.

The blood that we received, the doctors say that we make some arrangements, then Mehr is very nervous, the doctor says that if he does not bleed quickly, he can go into a coma and his life can be threatened. is.

Now Meher asks, whose blood type AB is negative in our house, and I repeatedly take the name of someone, saying that it can be hers and she gives it to him and says that you Take care of yourself, then she says that look, I had called and they said that Vikram ji’s blood group is AB negative, then you see that when Meher starts calling Vikram.

So his phone is busy but his phone battery gets low, then you see that he finds out that he has left the house for the CBI investigation, Meher also starts going after him, so when running away go there If it seems that a human comes from the front and he calls meher, then I say that man, hurry up, Sarvajit has very less time.

Please hurry, as if you leave his hand, what is it that you are saying, sir, if you have time, then you have little, so you give me blood and save their life and I will say before adding my hand Is that my love was taken away, how can I give him blood, then I start telling him that whatever you ask of me, I am ready to give.

Just once Serbjeet cheating saves my life and I also tell him that you want my life, I take my life anyway. If Sarvajeet is not there then I have to die, then the human says that you remember that your mother has I had given a lot of stabbing behind my back and at this time I was shedding a lot of blood, let us still shed blood for you once today, see that the person goes to give blood to Sarabjit ji and comes out by giving blood

So I see that I am chanting the name of God for the year and everyone is saying for the victory of victory, there are still those that suddenly start in it but I keep taking the name of every god for a while. After that you see that Sarabjit’s condition starts improving and something human happens and Mehar tells him that Sarabjit’s condition starts improving.

The doctor also comes and says this, then the human begins to go from there and Mehr is fast and thanks him and says that I will be indebted all my life for what you have done for me today, then the mind says that you are in politics today Is talking like a wife and says that she also wounds and dies and also says that you do not worry about me, you relax you must be tired only then people from CBI investigation would come Let’s say that we have done hand test on the gun and 4 people have their hand marks on the gun and only one of these four.

Who has fired on Sarvajit, then we see that the human who suspects those who have hand marks undercuts them, then you see that the man reaches Kulwant Kaur’s house and he is there He goes and takes his two sons and his statement and they say that we did hand over the gun but we have not fired, then Manav says that earlier I believed you and you called me here and I stole my back and I could not believe the people behind the back and they also say that the perpetrator is to be found out.

When Sarvajit ji regains consciousness and goes from there saying that on the other side, we see that at home man has also grounded his brother-in-law and his wife, who is unconscious, senses him and he has Param gets up and hugs her and starts saying that I have to go to Sarvejit Bhai now, how are they, then he shows that he is not even conscious and the doctor has refused you to go somewhere in this episode where It ends

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that when Manu is at home, he gets a call from the hospital from behind and tells the nurses that someone got angry in the hospital here and stating the number of Sarvajit’s room and says that the door of his room Manav starts to suspect that this will be the one who shot Sarabjit earlier and is still attacking him, you see that Man comes to the runaway hospital and starts breaking that door. You will be featured in tomorrow’s episode.