Today’s episode begins with Chhoti Sardarni when we are fighting between Manav and Sarvejit Sarabjit wants to remove the black cloth covered by his mouth but does not let the human take off because he knows if I take off the cloth So you see that when the bullet is fired, everyone comes to the room of Mer and when it was in his room, I tell him that I come now to take care of the children, then you see that Meher is also Sarabjit and When Man and Sir ji go out, there is a lot of quarrel when they go out in the middle of them, then all the people get cut into the house one by one and Meher’s mother says that we have to separate- Should go to a different place.

That thief can be anywhere, so you see that all the people are separated, both of Maihar’s nandas go to switch on the light. On the other hand, there is a fight between Sarvajit and Manav and when Sarabjit and Manav She is running after something, when she gets hit by something and sprains her leg, then you see that both Sarabjit and Manav are fighting a lot, then after some time, the bullet starts again and that bullet goes to Sarvajit She gets hooked and all the people are surprised that the shot is fired again and by then the light comes on, only then everybody stands around Sarvajit, the man is crying a lot and she is telling Sarabjit. That nothing will happen to you.

The one who has a mouth and removes the black cloth from her mouth and sees that she is Vikram and all the people are surprised to see how you could do this, she was told that what is your brother to me There was enmity. Why did you shoot him, then you see that Manav says that I have not shot him, then you see that Sarabjit is trying to say something but now he faints and says that he quickly If they call, those people say that it will take half an hour, then I get very nervous, I tell my brother that brother, get out the car soon.

Choti Sardarni 22 October 2020 Written Updates

When we walk with our car, you see that when I and the family members start taking me to their car, their brother-in-law says that I do not think we should go and wait for the ambulance but it is too late. He will go and put the music in the car and the human comes from there and he quickly sits in that car and drives the car away.

Then we see that everyone tries to stop him but he does not think yet another car gets out and starts following Manav, then you see that when the security men are standing in the way, then they get their ID card CBI Ka shows up and he gets out of there but I am behind and he has no card and the police stop him, Aditi and his family arrive from behind and Aditi shows her ID card and says that all of you People let us go, our brother is shot and she says that Sarabjit SBI has been shot, then you see that the police let those people go, then Meher gets a call that Sarabjit has been admitted to the City Hospital. .

Everyone starts going there and you see that Meher and Aditi reach there and the doctor says that their condition is very bad and it is kept in the ICU only then there is a human there and that something to me He starts saying and before that I tell him why you had to do this with Sarvajit, you would have killed me, but why did you do this with him and Manav is shocked to hear why Meher has faith in me This is not how today’s episode ends.