Today’s episode begins with Chhoti Sardarni, Marriage of Sarabjit and Meher is Anniversary only when you see that Sarabjit tells Meher Maa there that you have murdered, your sons have given proof of this and on hearing this Gaya leaves from there and she says that the sarpanch will send the court to jail. This can never happen. On the other hand, Meher’s brothers are also wondering what to do, then you see that Sarvajit’s son is insisting That he needs a gun that hangs on the wall. Actually Gaya now hangs the real song and tells his son that it is not a children’s play and I will give you a new toy just like that he insists that I If this is necessary, then Sir also starts convincing him that you cannot take it, then I come every where and Sir, I tell you to remove the toy from there

On the other hand, you see that all the two brothers of Meher are sleeping that this gun is real and the planning starts going on in their mind. See me when Meher takes his son to his room when he is there. The elder brother also comes and he starts telling him that you have not gone mad, you will have your mother sent to jail and all these things are heard by Maihar’s mother. My brother is telling him that what you want to do is Do you not remember how I have been brought up by the four children and how much trouble I have, I will never let the mother go and saying that he goes away from there, all these things are heard by Maihar’s mother and she starts saying That no one can send me to jail and she starts leaving from there, when Maihar’s son runs away and runs into his grandmother and they start telling him that granny I want to sing that song and Papa says it is for kids to play. It is not a thing that when her grandmother sees the wagon, she starts planning in her mind as well and she starts saying no, your father says that this gun is for children Not alive.

In this way, we see that human also comes there and he drinks a lot of liquor, then Sarabjit ji brings the cake and then that human tells him that if we also fed him cake, then Serbjeet says that if he feeds then he must go from there Go, the human was alone from behind and his father comes to him when the human goes to him and starts stabbing him where Sarvajit’s name is written and he says that I have liked this name. This will be erased and he falls from there while stabbing and his father says that take care of yourself till then all the people gather and he starts saying that what has happened to the human beings starts saying that I want my cauliflower parathas. I can never forget my cauliflower parathas and all the people are surprised what this human is saying, then the brother-in-law of Sarvajeet says that the wine that Vikram has drunk is speaking. Then Meher says that Didi you should take them home, then only Sarjit’s brother-in-law says that today no one will know that CM has imposed tonight’s curfew.

Choti Sardarni 23 October 2020 Written Updates

Now you see Sarabjit tells Vikram that all of you stay where you are, but Vikram is repeatedly talking about cabbage paratha. Even his parathas do not come, but Sir Manav says that I do not want this, then his wife says what do you want, then I have been mine there and says in my hand that I want that and everyone is shocked. Go, but from behind, a letter is also coming with cabbage parathas and everyone feels that I am talking about the cabbage photo
That’s when you see everything
Hai Sarvajit goes to my room with me and only then you see that Meher is very tense and Sarvajit tells him that why are you in tension, even then he says that you can be in tension because of your mother. It is only then that I say that even if I have made such a big mistake, but I am like my mother, I am having a lot of trouble that she is going to jail but she is also relaxed from one side only then Sarvajit says that ever Sometimes the little ones have to take drastic steps to rectify the mistake of the elders, only then you see that I go to the washroom to change. On the other hand, the brother of Maihar’s brother Maihar’s mother Sarvajit’s brother and man separately in his mind No, new plans are being made for how they can get out of their problems

Only then you see that when it is very night, Man comes to the balcony and takes the gun from there and goes to Sarvajit’s room and tries to kill him, then the child starts crying and the human starts looking at him and says I do not know what is my relation with this girl, whenever I see, I feel a sense of belonging and he also starts to think that I can have such a relationship with Sarvajit’s girl and he does not understand anything. By the time Sarabjit is revealed and he sees him, but a human is tied on his mouth and has a black coat and he does not know who he is, then there is a fight between Sarabjit and Manav. Hai Meher also comes out and she becomes very nervous, when the human begins to set, then I take out the gun from the front and Sarvajit is very nervous and seeing this, then you see again a quarrel between Manav and Sarabjit. And the gun goes into this wake