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Today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni starts with Sarvejit and Meher’s dance, you know how. That the marriage of Meher and all wins is Anniversary on which both Mehar and Sarabjeet are dancing but Manav sees them both. So he does not like it when he is in that party, he is drinking alcohol again and again, only then his wife tries to stop him but he does not stop and says that you touch me again and again. Do not go away from here, you see that humans start drinking too much alcohol.

In this way you see that a human is standing on a corner and there is a meher, then Meher tells him that if I want something, then the human says that I want you, can you get me, then I am pleased that I have just If you sat again with the same things, then the human says that you do not know what you see in that Sarabjit, the human was of Meher and the Mehr will remain of the human I think I have died every day but the human is still alive Manav can never forget Meher, such a king Meher stands with Manav, then Meher tells him that I know that Mummy ji has not done well with you.

If I and Vegeta are thinking about punishing both me and the vegetable, then the mind says what will happen to you by punishing me. In such a time, Sarabjit accuses Meher and she goes there very much again. On the other hand you start drinking alcohol, on the other hand you see that both Meher and Sarabjeet bring her to the room to talk to Maihar’s mother, then Sarabjit tells Maihar’s mother that mother, I have never asked for anything from you, so for the first time I am going to ask for something, will you give me, then Maihar’s mother says that my life is also present for you.

When Sarvajit tells her that you hand over yourself to the police, she gets shocked after hearing that Meher says that I have told everything to Sarabjit ji. Sarvajit tells him that you have killed a human being, so you Will have to go to jail and your two sons too only then his mother says that I have not murdered you and tells me that I should stop my drama, I have told everything about Sarabjit to me ever since. The mother tells Sarvajit that I have done this only for my children and she tells him that what will you do if you torture your sister, then Sarveda says that whatever I do but no wrong way, I will take whatever You have done

He has done wrong only when his mother says that I have not done anything wrong and who will do the arrest, I have no proof of arrest. It is a 1 year old thing and I have proof of my innocence, then Maihar’s mother dies. And she goes to Manav and tells him that I have to talk to you shortly. If you come to the side, you see that Manav brings Maihar’s mother to Maihar and Sarvajeet and then she brings her sons. Maihar’s mother asks Manav, that is, Vikram, that you have done a lot of investigation on this case, have you got the hand of CBI, have you found any evidence in it, see that Manav remembers everything and he Because of the mother, nobody can tell the truth to anyone and this is known to Maihar’s mother.

So she asks him to say this because he knows that Manav will never tell the truth and Manav goes from there saying that I don’t know anything about Sumit from behind even Maihar’s brother is also there. And one says that we have not appreciated anyone, no one has ever been stolen from our house and another says that in our body no one has ever seen anyone’s corpse falling from the canal. Hearing this, both Sarvjeet and Meher are convinced that how true Mummy ji is and how false they are. Maihar’s mother also turns red yellow in anger on Abe’s sons, thus today’s episode ends here.