Param tells Karan that simply courtroom docket listening to postponed so they may be in risk till the case receives closed completely. Karan tells him that he hopes that Seher will like Didiji’s brother. Seher overhears their communication and recollects that how Rajveer stored her withinside the manufacturing unit and thinks that he is ideal man only. Rajveer tells Didiji that he’s going to meet the lady however will reject her. Didiji thinks that he won’t be capable of reject Seher. Meanwhile Kunal attempts to get away however one vintage guy stops him and warns him to now no longer try this in any other case they’ll shoot him. Kunal writes message and offers it to him and pleads him to ship it to Seher.

Param tells Seher that she will be able to reject Didiji’s brother if she didn’t like him then. Seher waits for Immigration officer’s message and that they reaches Didiji’s house. Gill own circle of relatives meets Didiji. Didiji tells them that Rajveer is withinside the washroom. Seher gets Immigration officer’s message and is going to the washroom. Rajveer and Seher sees every other.